Search Party To Find “Rhaegar” Planned For Monday at Noon

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — A missing dog in Freeport has captured the hearts of thousands as the search continues to find a family pet who went missing on January 3rd of this year.

Rhaegar, (pronounced Ray-Garr), went missing from a sitters home on January 3, 2020, and despite numerous alleged sightings, has not been found or made his way home yet. A search party is planned to help find Rhaegar on Monday at Noon.

“We are planning a group search party for Rhaegar tomorrow, Monday, January 20 beginning at noon”, the family said on their Facebook page. Anyone who can help search for Rhaegar is being asked to meet at the Van Brocklyn United Methodist Church located at 3582 S Bolton Rd.

“We will be searching the fields, cemetery, woods and all areas on the East side of S. Bolton Rd, all of S. Van Brocklin [SIC] Rd, all of W. Burr Oak Rd and Crystal Lake Subdivision”, the family said.

Anyone who would like to help is being asked to bring extra leashes or dog whistles, if they have them. There is a $400 reward offered to anyone who brings Rhaegar home.

The family has put out phone numbers for anyone to call with information or sightings. If you spot Rhaegar you can call 815-291-2793 or 815-297-4466.


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