The Cheese Market Is Hiring An Events Vendor

Freeport, Illinois — We sure do love our local Cheese Market don’t we. In recent news we told you that The Cheese Market in Freeport had just announced they are moving from their current location on highway 26 South to a new location on West Street by Aldi’s.

Now the Cheese Market is looking for a responsible person to work at daily off-site events.

Corey Engel said yesterday that the events are located within 60 miles of their Freeport store and the job will be a consistent schedule

They are looking for someone with a good driving record and that person must possess good communication skills, Corey added.

If you would be interested in applying for this position, you can contact Corey on his Facebook page, or call him at 815 541 2088 for more information regarding the type of work involved.


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