The “Other Side” of Freeport – A Saturday Message

Freeport, Illinois — Happy Saturday everyone. It’s such a gorgeous day in the city of Freeport and we hope you are all able to get out and enjoy the nice weather.

As most of you know, we love Freeport.

Born and raised here, we’ve seen it go through many changes over the decades. We are a positive news outlet. But not everything in life or in this city is positive.

Fires happen, shots go off, people are on drugs and some die. We have a choice here.

Encompass all of Freeport or only the parts that make people happy. Obviously we know the parts that make us all happy.

But not everyone is happy.

The truth is, the police do not report all the crime and all the calls. What you get from the newspaper is only a selected number of stories. It’s not the whole picture.

The emotional trials and family trials that plague people here, along with the poverty and quality of life in some sections of Freeport is often, pushed under the rug.

East side, west side no one wants to see us for “everything” we are and “everything” we are, includes all of those people and life situations too.

You’ll often here people say solutions start with a conversation. That they start by acknowledging the problem.

We feel a responsibility to not only show the best of Freeport (and all of you who live here who truly are some wonderful people) but we feel a responsibility to address the real problems that affect real people as well.

There’s a disconnect between the upper echelon and the lower. There’s a disconnect between government and the people. There’s a disconnect between law enforcement and the people. Truth be told, we are all some very judgmental people.

In order to be a true community, it’s going to have to include the rich, the middle class, the homeless, the poor, the downtrodden, the sick, the weak, the hurting and the helpless. You’d be surprised what it can do to someone just knowing others care, want the best and are willing to support you. You’d be surprised what our city could be if everyone were included and felt important.

We have to all do that together.

While we will always promote, support and show with pride the best Freeport is, this is our home town. These are the streets that not only we walked on, but our parents and grandparents walked on as well. The streets our friends, family and relatives have lived on.

This is our city. Not part of it and not just a certain side of it, all of it.

Even at the cost of losing followers, we will never ignore the other side. Never, because even the smallest voice matters.

Have a great weekend.

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