Column: The Power of Change

Change, at some point in our lives we all experience it.

We change jobs, careers, where we live and, although, at times it can be hard, it is almost always necessary. We sometimes change things up when we get bored with something.

One thing I regularly get bored with and actually look forward to changing, is my workout.

Just as we get bored, our muscles do too. If we continue to do the same exercise, using the same weight, same machine and same amount of reps and sets over time, our muscle eventually reaches its peak.

You’ll stop noticing changes, stop looking forward to your workouts, and maybe even stop giving it your “all.” This is where a change or tune-up is necessary.

I have a favorite piece of equipment that I use regularly that can change up, or add to any workout. It’s called the Trek-Way it was developed by Freeport natives Steve and Debra Sewell and we are lucky enough to have 2 of them here at the Freeport Health Club.

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The Trek-Way can work any part of your body and only weighs 20lbs, but has the ability to have weights added to accommodate any fitness level. You can do a full workout with it in only 30-40 minutes. I incorporate the Trek-Way into all my workouts.

Whether I’m training biceps, back, triceps, shoulders, chest, legs or abs, the Trek-Way is my go-to. The more you become acquainted with it, and the stronger you become in your core, you will find there are more advanced exercises you can perform on this amazing piece of equipment.

The Trek-Way is just one way to change up your workout routine. There are so many different exercises for each body part that no muscle should even have to get bored!

I encourage you to make a change in your workout routine, or if you’re not working out, make a change in your life by adding an exercise program designed for you.

Freeport Health Club has a wide variety of machines, free weights and cardio equipment to meet all your fitness needs. We also offer a weight loss program that is sure to deliver positive results.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Trek-Way, changing up your workout routine or starting a new one, hearing about our weight loss program or have any questions, stop by and see us, you’ll be glad you did!

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By Valerie Bardell
Trainer, Freeport Health Club

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