When It Comes To The Weather, Buddy Knows Best

Freeport, Illinois —  As we all know, sometimes those wacky weather men and women are just, how do we say… well, they’re just flat out wrong.

It’s going to be sunny and it rains, it’s going to clear up and it snows. Sometimes you’re better off just sticking your head out the window and seeing what the weather is like for yourself.

Okay, maybe our favorite local weather ladies and gentlemen are not that far off but there is one local weather reporter who time and time again, always seems to know exactly what the weather is like in Freeport, Illinois.

That furry little studded man of the weather is four-legged star weather reporter and friend to everyone, Buddy.

Yes, Buddy is a squirrel.


See, at Walker Mortuary in downtown Freeport, one of Mr. Steve Turner’s joy’s was his little friend Buddy.

Buddy sat out side and kept the birds company, fed his little squirrel friends and occasionally surprised a would be visitor or passerby with a surprise hello and a wink. Buddy even saw his days of fame having been featured in local news, articles and featured on-line.

But besides being Freeport’s favorite Squirrel, Buddy also serves as the foremost expert on the current weather.

Anytime, day or night anyone with an Internet connection can watch Buddy’s forecast and without fail, what he shows you is exactly what the weather is like in Freeport. We don’t even know how he does it.

It doesn’t matter if it rains or it snows. It doesn’t matter if the winds are 50 mph or hail the size of coconuts falls to the ground, Buddy is always there standing tall ready to report the weather to anyone who wants to know.

But probably Buddy’s best quality is his uncanny ability to always leave you with a smile.

It doesn’t matter the time of day or if its snowing cats and dogs, there’s just something about seeing Buddy and knowing he’s always there, makes your day a little brighter.

So thanks Buddy. Thanks for the accurate weather reports and thanks for always being our friend.

It never matters what mood we’re in or whether things are going good, or things are going bad, you’re always there.

We’ll never ever forget what you’ve done for all of us.

You can watch Buddy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right here.




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