Freeport’s Big, Bad Bar Burger Adventure To Name Stephenson County’s BEST Bar Burger

Freeport, Illinois — Alright. You forced us to do it. You crazy burger loving animals have lit a bar burger flame in the community and now, we have to hit the streets to go taste test them all for ourselves. (Or well, for yourselves)

We will be airing an upcoming segment that we’re calling, “The Big, Bad Bar Burger Adventure”. (The hunt for Stephenson County’s Best Bar Burger). Here’s an overview;

“Four fun filled bar burger enthusiasts travel to each bar in Stephenson County for an entertaining afternoon “road trip” to find, taste and decide once and for all which bar has Stephenson County’s Best Burger.”

The best part? YOU’RE the stars of the show.

We’re looking for up to 4 (no less than 3) people who want to star in “The Big, Bad Bar Burger Adventure”.

Here’s how it works. (Everyone chime in here.)

1. EVERYONE: List each BAR in the county below that you feel has the best burger. We want to give all bars a chance to be in this, (if by your opinion they cook a mean burger). If someone listed the bar already, you don’t have to list it again. (Feel free to like it though if you want.)

2. HOSTS: Tell us why you and your buddies, or you and your girlfriend, wife, husband or other friends should be the hosts of “The Big, Bad Bar Burger Adventure”.  Doesn’t have to be any long explanation, just hit us with something creative and we’ll be checking it out.

3. Hosts will need to have a day to travel the county and go from bar to bar. Most bars are open on Saturday’s. Sunday, maybe not all of them but weekends are fine.

4. Host will need at least one car. One car that the three of you, or four of you can ride in together.

5. We will meet the hosts of the show at each bar in our own vehicle.

Those are essentially the requirements. We’ll take care of all the filming and production.

6. We will pay the gas for one car to make the trip. There will be no cost to the hosts for the burgers.

7. Each bar will prepare ONE burger for the 3-4 of you to evaluate. (By the end of the adventure you will have probably eaten 2-3 burgers each.)

8. There will be 4-5 fun rules, which we will determine by which you will “judge” the burger by. We want the bar to give us their best.

9. We will include the bar owner of every bar, other patrons, staff, etc.. and the bar itself will get showcased in the show, whoever is available and willing.

10. Time of adventure might be 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. We’ll know more once we know the number of bars and where. Could be less or a little longer.

It’s pretty much a paid trip to go eat burgers all day. So tell us why you’re the ones.

We’re looking for 3-4 people who want to have a lot of fun with a few friends, burger hopping bars in Stephenson County taste testing some really great local burgers at some really great local bars.

The last thing. We need all of YOU to start telling the bars that you know about “The Big, Bad Bar Burger Adventure” and that we’re coming to their bar (if they cook a mean burger).

Once we get a list and decide hosts, we’ll decide a mutual day (sometime over the next month), announce all of it continually to the public and all of you can give your favorite bar a heads up about the dates.

We probably have all the bar owners watching anyway, so if you are a bar owner in Stephenson County and think you cook a mean burger, chime in, reach out and we’ll touch base with you.

You don’t really have to anything special as you’re just cooking one burger and we’ll just be stopping in. The only difference is we’ll be filming. Tell some regulars about it and have them be there that day.

Also, bar owners, we’re just asking that you donate ONE of YOUR BEST MADE burgers to the challenge. We’ll come into your place, highlight all the best things about your local bar in our community and we invite you to be a part of it.

Questions? Call Greg at 815-291-0968



5 thoughts on “Freeport’s Big, Bad Bar Burger Adventure To Name Stephenson County’s BEST Bar Burger

    • January 8, 2017 at 4:13 pm

      Hey Corey. This is good for now. We also saw a post on Facebook. We’re looking for 3-4 hosts, so yourself and a few friends if you can pull 2-3 others together, we’ll keep your name. Love to have a girl as one of the hosts also. We’ll reach out to you via Facebook with a message.

  • January 10, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I’ve got 3 of us, possibly 4. We did the Burger Run every year when the JS had that contest (and had a damn fine time doing it!). We have no problem spending the day driving around and eating burgers!

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