It’s National Coffee Day – Where’s Your Best Cup of Coffee Come From

Ah, the best part of waking up for millions of people around the nation.


Just the smell of it brewing, hearing the sounds of it percolating, waiting for that first taste brings a special joy to connoisseurs.

Several coffee shops and chains around are offering free cups today to celebrate National Coffee Day. We’ve listed some of our local places to grab a cup and some of the national chains that are also offering coffee specials or free coffee below.

As for the day itself, there are many legendary accounts of how coffee first came to be, but the earliest credible evidence of either coffee drinking or the knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries around Mokha in Yemen.

It was here coffee seeds were first roasted and brewed, much like they are prepared today. Yemeni traders brought coffee back to their homeland from Ethiopia and began to cultivate the seed.

In 1670, coffee seeds were smuggled out of the Middle East by Baba Budan, as he strapped seven coffee seeds onto his chest.  The first plants grown from these smuggled seeds were planted in Mysore.  It was then that coffee spread to Italy, to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia and the Americas.

Brazil produces more coffee in the world than any other country followed by Colombia.  More than 50 countries around the world grow coffee, providing a delicious variety for the indulgence of steamy cups of the black drink for connoisseurs to consume.

Here’s where you can get your fix:

Donuts Delite: 1892 S West Ave Freeport, IL. A quaint modern coffee and donut shop located off the Meadows shopping mall just next to highway 26 South, in Freeport.

9 East Coffee:  9 E Stephenson St. Freeport, IL.  9 East Coffee serves delicious and unique specials, made fresh daily. We sell a wide variety of baked goods and have an extensive daily menu

Higher Grounds Coffee:  1709 S West Ave Freeport, IL. Higher Grounds Coffee, located on the bustling south end of Freeport, offers unique pastries, panini sandwiches, soup and quiche daily.

Eats And Sweets Coffee Cafe: 15 N Chicago Ave, Freeport, IL. Stop in for 25% off of your favorite coffee drink! Soup today is Homemade Chicken Noodle! We’ll be open from 10a to 5p!

Dunkin Donuts: Get any medium cup of coffee for just 66 cents in celebration of the chain’s 66th anniversary, which falls on the coffee-themed holiday.

Krispy Kreme: Free coffee and an original glazed donut at any Krispy Kreme location.

McDonald’s: Free small hot or iced McCafe coffee if you download the app. Time to stock up on K-Cups. Get 20 percent off select brands of K-Cup pods bought by using the code ‘GREENSAVINGS’ at checkout.

Stan’s DonutsFree glazed donut with the purchase of a Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea: Free medium drip coffee with any food purchase.

Target: Free tall hot brewed coffee at Target stores.

Caribou Coffee: Every time someone purchases a coffee at Caribou Coffee on National Coffee Day, the company will donate a free cup of coffee to caregivers and family members at cancer facilities and hospitals across the nation.

Bruegger’s Bagels: Anyone who snaps a selfie with a Bruegger’s coffee cup and posts it with the hashtag #BrueggersMugShot and #Contest the chance to win unlimited free coffee for an entire year.

Starbucks: For every brewed cup of Mexico Chiapas coffee purchased, Starbuck’s will donate a coffee tree to a farmer in need.

So what’s the history of National Coffee Day?

Well, we were unable to find the origin, but there is International Coffee Day. Wikipedia says that the first official date was 1 October 2015 and was launched in Milan.

So where’s your favorite local coffee hotspot? Chime In.

Happy National Coffee Day.


Source: National Coffee Day: Where To Get Free Coffee | NBC Chicago

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