60 Seconds With 24 Candidates Running For Local Office

Freeport, Illinois — The 2nd 2017 Freeport Mayoral debate and the first opportunity for the public to meet all the local candidates was held last night in Freeport.

Put on by the Freeport Chamber of Commerce and moderated by Terri Musser of Jitterbug Events, last night’s event brought estimates of over 200 people out for the chance to meet and get to know the candidates running for local office. Highland College was also present to film the evenings debate.

Over a few separate segments we will bring you our coverage of last night’s 2nd debate event. In our first segment from the evening we bring you candidate introductions.

Each of the candidates at last nights debate had 60 seconds to introduce themselves. In this segment, we bring you those introductions.

Over the next few segments, we will bring you the actual debates between Meta Ridgway and Brad Hartog for Freeport’s Township Assessor as well as between Mayoral candidates Dave Fonda, Joe Cardoso, Jodi Miller and Mike Koester.

Additionally, as many of you know we’ve paid close attention to this upcoming election.

We sat down with all 6 Mayoral candidates for exclusive up close interviews as well as covered the 1st debate held with the candidates running for Mayor.

Below are the 24 segments with your local candidates from last night’s event, as well as coverage from the 1st debate held at the Masonic Temple, along with our sit down interviews with each Mayoral candidate.


Freeport School District Board
Mark Farshtchi
George McCarty
Shirley Bradley
Duane Rosemeier
Ryan Shirley


City Alderman
Sally Brashaw
Peter McClanathan


Freeport Township Trustee
Melinda Cook
Joy Sellers
Andra Taylor


Highland Community College Board
Douglas Block
Pennie Groezinger
Steven Jennings


Freeport Park District Board
Ken Collin
Adam Moderow


Township Clerk
Barbara Burns


Township Supervisor
Patrick Sellers
Odessa Walker


City Treasurer
Linda Buss
Bernie Mrugala


City Clerk
Dovie Anderson


Freeport Mayor
Andrew Crutchfield
Jon Staben



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