Campaign Ethics Complaint To Be Heard By Illinois State Board of Elections

Galena, Illinois — A closed hearing has been set for some time in early October regarding the 80-page ethics complaint filed in late August by the Illinois Republican Party against Galena City Clerk Mary Beth Hyde.

According to public documents obtained, it appears that on 12 separate occasions during taxpayer funded working hours Mary Beth Hyde, the elected Galena City Clerk who also serves as campaign treasurer for “Friends of Nick Hyde”, Democrat candidate for state representative in the 89th district, used city owned equipment and public resources paid for by taxpayers to send and receive partisan campaign communications in violation of state law.

Matt Dietrich, public information officer for the Illinois State Board of Elections, told the Galena Gazette that one of the board’s hearing officers will hear the complaint at the closed hearing with presentations from both Hyde’s campaign and the Illinois Republican Party. The hearing officer will then make a recommendation to the elections board on whether the complaint is on justifiable grounds and what, if any, action should follow.


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