Chesney Co-Sponsors Penalty Enhancements for Violators Who Don’t Move Over

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS — With the tragic death of yet another State Trooper on March 28, State Representative Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport) is reminding motorists to slow down and move over for any stopped vehicle on roadside shoulders.

“There have been 15 State Police vehicles hit by distracted motorists since January 1st,” said Rep. Chesney. “It has to stop. As we send our prayers to the family and friends of Trooper Brooke Jones-Story, we can only appropriately honor her memory by changing our behavior- every day, every time.”

Trooper Jones-Story is the second line of duty death among the Illinois State Police in 2019. Under “Scott’s Law” in Illinois, drivers are required to move over for emergency vehicles parked on the roadside shoulder. Drivers are required to give a lane of space.

“No activity on our phones and no delay in our travels is worth jeopardizing a human life, especially those of our first responders,” said Rep. Chesney. “We all need to take ownership of this issue, adjust our behaviors, and speak up when we observe drivers not putting safety first.”

Rep. Chesney signed on as a Chief Co-Sponsor of House Bill 2417, which enhances penalties for violation of “Scott’s Law”, requires driver drop their speeds significantly when approaching emergency vehicles with flashing lights, and adds further teeth to enforcement activities when the violation results in the injury or death of another person.

89th District residents can learn more about legislative issues and Rep. Chesney’s positions during the Spring legislative session at his website at


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