Continued Illinois Population Loss Means Bye Bye To One, Maybe Two Of Its 18 Congressional Representatives

ILLINOIS — Illinois News Network reports that continued population loss would mean Illinois would have to say goodbye to one at least one of its 18 congressional representatives after the 2020 Census.

Election Data Services recently released its annual projections of which states will gain and lose U.S. Representatives at the next turn of the decade. The projections show Illinois’ 18th Representative will almost certainly be removed and given to another state, said Kimball Brace with Election Data Services.

Other states projected to lose seats include Alabama, California, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and West Virginia, according to EDS. New York is projected to lose two representatives.

Since the census isn’t for another two years, what is not certain is if that loss will actually be two seats.

You can read the full report from Election Data Services here.



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