“Don’t Turn Out the Friday Night Lights” Petition Initiated by State Representative Andrew Chesney

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS –State Representative Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport) is urging Northwest Illinois residents upset about the Governor’s decision to delay Fall Sports to sign a petition on his legislative website to urge Governor Pritzker to reverse his decision.

“Let them play is a sentiment I hear repeatedly from parents and student athletes in all sports in Illinois,” said Rep. Chesney. “The Governor has clearly made a political decision here. All of Illinois’ surrounding states are safely allowing high school football and other sports, but Governor Pritzker is blocking local school and public health officials from making that decision here. The Governor does not seem to understand how these decisions effect the average Illinoisan. Not to mention the academic opportunities lost by our youth not participating in sports.”

“While full-contact sports certainly come with additional risks of transmission of communicable diseases, the Big 10 recently decided to move forward with their season, as well as no such mandate about high school sports from Illinois’ surrounding states run by both Democrat and Republican Governors,” continued Chesney.

“I encourage Northwest Illinoisans who disagree with the Governor’s decision to sign the petition I created at my legislative website, repchesney.com,” said Chesney. “I will be sending the Governor your comments on this issue and urging him to reverse his position. If the legislature could meet to take direct action on the topic, I would vote to support letting our kids play, but the only two people in Illinois who can call the legislature back into Session are Governor Pritzker and Speaker Madigan. They have deemed action by the legislature on any topic unnecessary until two weeks after the November Election.”

The next scheduled date for the Illinois General Assembly to meet is November 17, 2020. Learn more and sign the petition at repchesney.com.

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