Gov. J.B. Pritzker Signs Immigrant Renter Protections Into Law

CHICAGO, ILLINOIIS — Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a law Wednesday that creates protections for immigrants who rent in Illinois. The new Illinois tenant protection law would allow people to sue their landlords for using their immigration status as a weapons of retaliation.

Pritzker says the new law will help make Illinois a “firewall” against President Donald Trump’s aggressive immigration policies. Earlier this year Pritzker signed a law barring privately-run immigration detention facilities in Illinois.

The law signed Wednesday prohibits landlords from evicting or retaliating against tenants based on their immigration status. Landlords are barred from disclosing or threatening to disclose immigration status to any law enforcement or immigration agency.

The law takes effective immediately. Each violation could result in a civil penalty up to $2,000 dollars.

Pritzker said on Wedesday “where you were born has nothing to do with the ability to pay rent on time – which is what the relationship between a landlord and a tenant should really be about.

That’s why I’m proud to sign the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act into law today.

We’re making Illinois the first state in the Midwest to protect our immigrant tenants and give them a little more relief in these tumultuous times.

Our message is clear: here in Illinois, we are, and always will be, a welcoming state.”

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