Guary Bernadelle Appointed As The City’s New Finance Director

Freeport, Illinois – Mayor Jim Gitz today announced the appointment of Guary Bernadelle as the City’s new Finance Director, after an extensive search. By law, the Mayor appoints department heads subject to Council approval.

The Director of Finance is the City’s chief fiscal officer. He is in charge of developing the City’s budget, overseeing the budget upon Council passage and ensuring that the City complies with all local, state and federal laws governing financial matters. The Finance Director also prepares regular budget reports, prepares the City’s accounts for audit and does financial forecasting and trend analysis on the City’s overall fiscal health.

Mr. Bernadelle comes to the City with vast experience and training in the private sector. Previously, he was Vice President and Director of Finance for the Rockford Business College and related affiliates, having worked for the system for 11 years. Prior to that, he was an accountant for Bruno Scheidt, Inc in New York City for four years. Mr. Bernadelle earned a an MBA degree from Schiller International University in Madrid, Spain and a BA degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Long Island University in New York. He resides in Rockford, Il.

Mr. Bernadelle went through an extensive interview process that included multiple interviews with the Mayor and staff, an interview with members of the City Council and an interview session with several Freeport community representatives from the public and business sector.

Mayor Jim Gitz noted, “I believe Guary Bernadelle will be a great Finance Director for the people of Freeport. He has a wealth of practical experience in accounting and finance handling large sums of money. I believe he can master our financial systems and procedures quickly and improve them. We also need a director who can think long term, provide timely and accurate reports, and squeeze maximum value out of every tax dollar. Everyone who has worked with Mr. Bernadelle gives him their highest endorsement.”

The City Council will vote on Mr. Bernadelle confirmation at its Monday, June 6, 2016 meeting.

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