League of Women Voters Freeport to Host Candidate Forum

Stephenson County, Illinois — The League of Women Voters Freeport has announced the following event in partnership with the Stephenson County Farm Bureau.

The group is hosting a Candidate Forum on Tuesday March 14, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Newell Conference Center at Highland Community College.

All candidates in contested races for Mayor of Freeport, City of Freeport Treasurer, Freeport Township Supervisor, District #145 School Board, Highland Community College Trustee, Freeport Park District Trustee and Freeport Township Trustee have been invited to participate in the Forum.

Mayoral candidates will be asked questions in a panel format. The candidates for City Treasurer and Township Supervisor will present statements of 5 minutes in length. The candidates for the other governing bodies will be given 3.5 minutes to deliver their statements.

Candidates have been asked to provide personal background information along with their goals for running,  their concerns and how they believe they would impact the board they are seeking.

Mr. James Winker will serve as the moderator for the Forum.


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