Looking Back: What Barack Obama Has Said About Hillary Clinton

The presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is one that may mark a forever timeline in national election history. Two iconic, almost larger than life, polar opposite characters battling it out for the nations highest position.

Now, before you get excited, the attempt of this article isn’t to take sides on any current or past candidate. I don’t care if you think Hillary is a crook, if Obama is a liar or if Trump is a racist. Argue your own issues important to you however you see fit.

There is something to be said though about, well, what others have said before.

Past elections matter.

Not only do past elections allow us to look back at promises made, they allow us to gauge the success or progress of a candidate whom we select.

Additionally, and more importantly we feel, is that past elections allow us to have an unfiltered insight into the failings or criticisms of candidates who are running.

When does that matter most?

If they get elected, or they don’t get elected and they ever run again.

Sadly, the view back often only taints the entire presidential political process. It presents the only question in our mind which although very important, isn’t policy, it isn’t issues, it’s authenticity.

In other words, it presents the question, “who’s lying?“.

We’ve compiled a listing of segments where our current President, Barack Obama is talking about Hillary Clinton. Either ads Obama ran during the past elections, or segments in his own words.

Who’s lying?

Is Obama being untruthful about Hillary? Is he just “playing politics” to get elected? Is he saying something he doesn’t actually believe, or does he really believe this about Hillary?

See, it presents us with a very peculiar predicament, especially if previous candidates are ever presented with having, (because of political party) to endorse the person they once said was unfit, dishonest, not truthful, as Obama supports Hillary today.

So again, who’s lying? In the below segments someone is.


With the election between Trump and Hillary and Obama’s endorsement of Hillary, did Hillary have a change of ways? Is she not still all of the things Obama said about her below?

Was she ever?

If not, then why did Obama say these things?

Who’s lying? Obama or Hillary?

How do we, as a voter, explain What Barack Obama Has Said About Hillary Clinton?

1. Barack Obama Paid Ad Against Hillary Clinton

2. Hillary: You have to look at what we say during campaigns.

3. Obama describes Hillary Clinton’s corrupt track record

4. 2008 Obama Criticized Clinton For Flip-Flopping On Another Trade Deal

5. What You Say And Your Record Matter

6. Barack Obama: Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted


7. What Trump has been saying for decades, consistently.


8. The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2015)

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