Mayor Jim Gitz To Present Annual State of the City Address Before City Council Today

Freeport, Illinois – Mayor Jim Gitz will present the annual State of the City address before the City Council today, Monday, March 7, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

The address will focus on the many new investments businesses are making in Freeport, new citizen initiatives that are revitalizing Freeport and the City’s accomplishments over the past year.

The Mayor will also focus on the challenges immediately ahead, including the City’s forthcoming Fiscal Year City budget and the challenge of rebuilding the City’s water & sewer infrastructure.

Of the issues confronting Freeport, the Mayor stated, “none are more important than expanding the City’s tax base.”

“The State of the City address presents a unique opportunity to summarize our progress to date while acknowledging the challenges ahead.” Gitz said.

Gitz indicated that the State of the City address will be broadcast over cable on the regular media channel for public access and later posted on the internet. He also issued a broad invitation to the public for those who would like to attend. The Mayor stated “there are plenty of chairs and the public is always welcome.”

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