Meta Ridgway and Brad Hartog Debate For Township Assessor

Freeport, Illinois — The 2nd 2017 Freeport Mayoral debate and the first opportunity for the public to meet all the local candidates was held Tuesday night this week in Freeport.

Put on by the Freeport Chamber of Commerce and moderated by Terri Musser of Jitterbug Events, the event brought estimates of over 200 people out for the chance to meet and get to know the candidates running for local office.  Highland College was also present to film the evenings debate.

In our first segment from the evening we brought you 24 candidate introductions, found below.

In this segment we bring you the actual debate between Meta Ridgway and Brad Hartog.

Our final segment of the evening will be the debate between Mayoral candidates Dave Fonda, Joe Cardoso, Jodi Miller and Mike Koester. We will air that broadcast separately.


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