Rebecca Oblak Announces Candidacy For 1st Ward Alderman In Freeport

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Rebecca Oblak is the Senior Leader of Ignite Church and a visionary leader with a background in business management, team building, and has a collaborative leadership approach.

Six years ago, Rebecca Oblak moved to Freeport with her husband Vince and two children, Amber and Michaiah with a dream in her heart. That dream is to serve a city well. She came armed with a vision to see Freeport prosper and grow as it was always intended to.

In the time she has been here an amazing team has formed and together with her team she founded and built a church with the very same mission, to serve the city well.

Alongside that vision she felt she had better “practice what she preached” and about three years ago after taking the civilian police academy, she signed on to be a Freeport Auxiliary police officer (volunteer police). Since then she has learned a great deal, having traveled on every street in the city.

“l have enjoyed looking into our great city’s past and the amazing things it used to be. But it’s time to truly start looking to an even better future than what we look back on in the past. I would like to be a part of this great future.”

Rebecca Oblak Announces Candidacy For 1st Ward Alderman In Freeport

Rebecca plans to bring a positive, straight forward voice to the city council with a heart dedicated to serving and a proven track record of volunteer service to the city. She will promote a transparent government with a fair and more balanced budget, along with a transparent, collaborative and team building approach.

Voting will be April 2nd with early voting already open.


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