The Election Statistic Everyone Can Use To Shut The Hate Down Immediately

WASHINGTON — For Immediate Release

If you happen to have voted for Donald Trump this past election, may god help you.

Not because you’re in danger of the law or because you have altered the rotation of the earth, but because whether you realized it or not, you are now officially labeled as a racist, scumbag, redneck, woman hater.

I’m sorry grandma but yes, apparently it’s true.  (No, I don’t know how I’ll break it to the kids either.)

And it’s just all you rotten Trump voters too. Apparently those who voted a 3rd party, the Clintonites feel you are ok.  It’s just you Trump voters.

See, if word gets out that you circled the option next to Trump’s name on your ballot, well, we all know the vile backlash that may bring about don’t we.

According to Hillary Clinton supporters, (no, not all of you but it’s only those who supported her, it’s not any other voter) especially those college aged ones, you Trump voters are all scumbag, redneck, racist, women haters and collectively are going to send the entire country back to the dark ages. (We guess it’s your evil hidden mission to do so, or something like that)

Have no fear though because we did some digging and are happy to provide this tiny little secret weapon that you can use to shut down all this hate against you. It’s just gotten a little out of hand.

Think of it, like a mirror.

The next time you come across one those “haters” and you just want to shut them up, send them this statistic.

Send them this link so they can get a good hard look at the real people they are calling racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.

In this past election you are calling:

  1. 42% of all your women friends racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.
  2. 53% of our elderly people aged 65 and over racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.
  3. 61% of your U.S. military service friends racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.
  4. 14% of your Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender friends racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.
  5. 29% of your Asian friends racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.
  6. 29% of your Hispanic Latino friends racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.
  7. 8% of your black friends racist, scumbag, redneck, women haters.

They are all who voted for Trump. So Hillary fans, we have a proposition for you.

The next time you see a woman, elderly person, someone who’s served our country, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender person, or an Asian, Hispanic, Latino or even one of your black friends, go ahead and walk right up to them and call them right to their face, a racist, scumbag, redneck, women hater.

Hope you still have some friends left.



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