This is America. This is the land of the Free and we will fight for it, even if you don’t

You know, I have to say, I am relieved to see so many woman supporting Donald Trump. Women I wouldn’t think would even support him either because of all the rhetoric about racism, rape and bigotry flying around. Woman, I greatly respect.

Woman with backbone, spine, integrity, women who will tell you like it really is whether it’s what you want to hear or not. Women who, if the “crap ever hit the fan” are women I would trust. They are the one’s supporting Donald Trump. Good, kind, respected, tough women who are not easily fooled.

I don’t know how anyone can look at our corrupt political environment and the state of our country and ever want to elect another politician again.

The country is faced with choosing a citizen who doesn’t even have to run, yet is and I’ve sat back and watched good people completely lose their minds in this manipulative mindless rhetoric.

Christians openly in public calling someone a rapist, racist, bigot and it truly worries me about who my neighbors are. It worries me for my children’s future because of all the things they might stand by that have already taken us down the path of less freedom, less income, more laws against us, more restrictions and the destruction of our culture.

I will be 50 years old this year. When I was born, Lyndon B. Johnson was president. I grew up as a child under the Ora of an assassinated leader. They killed my President.

I know I wasn’t born yet but I have this memory of being in the car when the news of Kennedy’s assassination aired over the radio. I don’t know how, I don’t know why but I remember the car, the smell, the day and the back seat where I was sitting.

I remember looking at the Radio as the words filled the car. It’s as vivid as the day it happened. I remember the announcers voice, I remember my Mom’s reaction.

Who in their right mind would run for this office? Who?

No one was angry at our leaders like they are today. The nation felt hopeful, trusting, positive.


I’m sure not, but there certainly wasn’t this much disdain.

I was born in a sad time for the presidency. A time where there was still a large level of respect and admiration for the office and the person who was in it. It was just a part of you.

Fact is though, Kennedy, this loved hope for our Country, was an adulterer. As a young person I pondered how the two could mix. A great leader, yet a man who wasn’t perfect.

Did you know there was never even a fence around the White House at one time? You could have just walked right up the lawn. I’m not sure how far you would have gotten, but you could have, yet people had respect for the White House then. It was safe like that.

But then things happened didn’t they.

Controversy over who killed my President, the 60’s and peace, love, not war.

Then the Vietnam war. A war everyone said should have never happened.

I watched soldiers come home and be ignored, mis-treated, mocked, ridiculed by their neighbors and as I grew up I saw trust begin to fade.

I have never trusted a presidential candidate. Not ever. Not one of them has ever cut the BS and said exactly what this country needs. No one has truthfully addressed it’s problems and ever said what I was thinking. No one has ever seemed genuine.

I’ve been waiting for someone, anyone to just tell me the truth – and no one has.

They have ALL tickled my ears, danced issues, dodged questions, played the game, sat on both sides of the fence and you could see it in their eyes that they were lying. It’s been so horribly obvious that I’ve sat in awe wondering how on earth could anyone could vote for any of them. I’ve been lied to my whole life.

I have watched decades of politicians talk nice about black people and Mexicans and Latinos and play on women’s emotions all for the goal of manipulating a vote.

I’ve sat back and watched the government impose laws on me that I never had as a child. Laws that always seem to restrict me more and always take more of my money.

When I was kid at age 16, if you bought a car and got license plates, you were good to go. No restrictions, no limit on passengers, no time to be in at night.

Time to be in? What?

The government is telling me when I have to be home? How many people I can have in my car? Is this a communist country?

This is America! This is the land of the FREE.  That’s not Free.

I’ve watched the opinions, perils and minority problems of our land become laws against the masses.

We live in a day where the voice of the few, gets imposed on the majority. Good, law abiding citizens are now regulated more and more because of the actions of the few. Guns, taxes, crime, terrorism, insurance, drinking, driving, drugs, gay rights, lesbians, transvestites, bathrooms, clowns, ISIS and 9-11.

Stop talking to me about black people and gay people and lbgt people because I don’t see racism and I don’t measure people like that, so stop telling me to. I don’t care if your black, purple, gay, asian, mexican or what you are. I care about you, the person. I hope you care about me the same way.

I grew up when the Berkley riots happened.  128 Berkeley residents were admitted to local hospitals for head trauma, shotgun wounds, and other serious injuries inflicted by police all in the name of civil rights, free speech and Vietnam war protests.

Today, pharmaceutical drugs are handed out to every grade schooler and now instead of cops shooting school kids, school kids are shooting school kids.

Nothing is getting better. Everything is “on the rise”. Poverty, crime, fighting, arguing, bickering, job loss, divorce, education, roads, airports, terrorism, national security, manufacturing. I’ve seen first hand all of them slowly leave our country.

My Dad worked in a factory here in Freeport. I’ve said this publicly before, but I had the BEST LIFE anyone could ever have here in Freeport. Today, I have no idea how my Dad would have supported my family. Today, I would have NEVER had the life that I was so very fortunate to have had.

My Dad was born on the East side of Freeport. Dirt poor. His Dad passed away when my Dad was just a teen.

As I child I used to go visit my Grandma on the east side. I have a part of me that lives and breathes in that part of town and I feel their pain, anger and frustration as if it is my own.

I was fortunate to see a man make it to the other side of the tracks, as he used to say. I grew up with the feeling of “anything was possible” and my Dad reminded me of that every day. He made it out. He made it to the other side of the tracks.

How would my family have survived today? How would we have ever lived where we lived? When I ask myself that question today, I don’t have an answer.

How did all this happen? In my lifetime, how did this happen?

How are we losing our culture, our integrity, our love of America, our respect for each other, our freedoms, our rights, our jobs? How in the hell could three planes just drive into our nations most secure fortresses and how could 9-11 have ever happened. Why in the day of “gun violence” do we have little red guns plastered everywhere you go? How if not completely done on purpose?

Did all this just accidentally happen?  Ooops?

Don’t tell me our country hasn’t changed for the worse. Don’t tell me we aren’t more regulated, policed, watched, monitored, restricted and taxed. I’ve lived it and you’ve lived it too.

So I ask, what the hell is wrong with you people? How can you not see what is happening right before your very eyes? How can you stand there ignorant to what you have seen and witnessed with your own eyes, heard with your own ears. How can anyone look at our corrupt political environment and the state of our country and ever want to elect another politician again.


A local Freeport contractor the other day said that he just got his quote back from the ACA. He stated, “Just got our ACA health care rates. Unbelievable. $1,948.00 a month with a $6,500.00 per person deductible. Simply crazy.” I’m not going to say his name, but I bet everyone here knows him.

Will you face him face to face and tell him why you voted the way you did?

Twenty year old’s right here in Freeport working full time, paying in 1500-2000 a year in taxes, owed the government 300-500 dollars more when they did their taxes last year. They work, they work full time, they pay their bills, they pay taxes and it’s just not enough. How can you justify this?

Will you face our kids face to face and tell them why you voted the way you did?

So who would run for this office? Who would ever want to be in this position subject to ridicule, mocking, having your every move looked at under a microscope. Who?

I can only think of two kinds of people.

One, someone who wants the power and prestige of the office and the other, someone who wants to fix this crumbling nation. They could both be one in the same, or two different people but I don’t see any other motive that anyone could have for desiring to be the President of the United States.

Clinton has tried and tried to be president though hasn’t she.

She’s spent 5 billion dollars (poof, gone) trying to get to this place. She’s another politician entrenched in the system that has brought us here. She’s with all the rest of them.  It’s not about America to her. It’s about establishing Hillary Clinton as a part of American and world history throughout the test of time. The first female president.

Clinton has no claim to fame. She has nothing she’s left in her 30 year political wake that one can point to and say, because of Clinton this “positive thing” for our nation has happened. There’s no defense in support of anything either. Plus, all you have to do is Google what Obama said about Clinton and why she could never be president. So, was he lying, or was he telling the truth? How do you cope with such inconsistencies like that?

Why would Donald subject himself to this? Why?

He didn’t know they were going to look at his taxes, find old videos, excerpts of him saying stupid stuff? The guy has been on TV since the late 70’s. Why would he subject himself to all this?

He’s rich, successful, has mansions 100 times nicer than the oval office and no matter how much the question has been proposed of how rich he really is, make no mistake, TRUMP IS RICH.

And our culture is already corrupt isn’t it. People act like Trump is going to ruin everything. It’s already broken. It’s already been run into the ground and it’s been that way long before Trump ever came into the picture. How many Illinois politicians are in prison?

Trump didn’t do that.

Just look at Trump’s children. They’re on TV talking about their Dad, supporting him, standing by him almost everywhere he goes.  They’re not out raping black people. How did the racist, bigot rapist ever possibly raise such good, loyal kids?

And speaking of kids, where the hell is Chelsea? Is she even voting for her mom?

Trump is also already established globally. He already knows many of the world leaders. He’s done business in that arena forever and gets along with many of them.

Then there’s Supreme Court Justices, the Constitution to consider and the list goes on and on.

Trump is a cocky, arrogant asshole but didn’t we already know that about him? Aren’t you sometimes also? Have you really never said anything inappropriate before? Ever, really? Were you all of a sudden magically surprised?

You act all surprised, but were you really?

He’s a jerk, he says what no politician has ever said before and he fills stadiums. Ten thousand, twenty thousand people fill massive stadiums when the Trump camp rolls through town.

Seventy five percent of American’s don’t vote. Who are these people filling stadiums? Where did they come from?

Could it be that finally there is one average citizen who has come forward to represent the people? Why is he filling stadiums if no one likes Trump.


All I know is God help us if that woman Hillary Clinton is elected. God help us if any career politician is elected to this office.

Not just because of the decades of accusations and investigations made of her (and her husband) while IN OFFICE, not because of the current FBI investigation against her either.

Because of history, because of where we are right now in our land.

Because we will see an unprecedented “raping of the people” like never before seen in history. We will see such political crime and mis-use of funds, such bending of laws, such back room deals, such corporate lobbying of your freedoms that it will pale in comparison to anything this country has ever been faced with before.

Hillary’s had her chance to do good hasn’t she. They all have had their chance and this is where we are in our nation right now because of it.

It’s time to drain the swamp and start over. It’s time to clean up the filthy sewer and get rid of the self satisfying vile crooks of our country. They’re the real rapists. They’re the real problem with our country. They are every single reason our country is where it is today.

Mad? Frustrated? Upset? Scared? Feel more taxed, regulated? Worried about your children’s future? Afraid of terrorist’s? Well, you can thank every one before you for where things are today. All parties, both republicans and democrats.  The whole god damn system is corrupt.

A private citizen has just stood up and is willing to stand up against it. A private citizen who speaks his mind, says the things that are hard to hear and a citizen who could have just stayed home and not ever cared at all.  Yet he came out with a force. A man who even the establishment hates, which should say everything to you. A man who hasn’t taken lobbyist money either. It’s going to take people like that to fix this nation.

You’re offended? That’s it? You’re just offended?

I am not a republican, I am not a democrat. I am not your label, your classification or your stereotype. I am not a statistic. I am a FREE man. I live in America, the land of the Free.  Where NO MAN, white, black, or of any nationality with right to be on this land should ever be enslaved. Those are my brothers. Those are my sisters.

I live in the land that BROKE FREE from taxes and government rule. Do you not remember what America was even founded on? Have you no respect for those who died for this country?

People gave their lives to give you these freedoms while you sit back and throw them all away in this blind, media induced hypnotic trance where you repeat every single thing the TV tells you to say.

Veterans have been mis-treated. How do you answer for the state of your nation right now? I would like an answer as to why you have not stood up with our founding fathers for it because you voted, you chose and we are here now.

As for other choices, there are definitely others there. There are many good people trying but they have no voice. None have the force that Trump has. None have no fear when facing issues, people, tough decisions. None have the vein of the masses behind them either.

None have the global visual, physical track record that you can touch and see.  You can see where Trump earns his money. You can see what he’s built. How does Hillary Clinton earn hers? How does your candidate of choice earn theirs? Investments and money you can’t see, track or is always hidden?

I say, thank god a citizen like Trump stood up.  I say thank god because I hate the establishment. I hate every single part of it. I have seen people that I thought were good and just people outright lie in the name of Hillary Clinton. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

I hate what has happened to my country and I hate what has happened to you. What I hate more, is that I dislike that state of our country even more than you do. I’m angry, that you’re not angry. I am angry that you are so blind to see back on your own life, to not see forward.

Win or lose I know this.

Those who support this movement of the people, of our values, of our respect for one another, of our decency and culture don’t die if Trump wins or loses.

The America that once was, the America that made us proud, the America that built wonders and the America which was the driving innovation of the world is tired of seeing what we built with our own hands, taken from us.

Whether our Country wins or loses, we are still here, we can fill stadiums and we are charged to restore our country now more than ever.  Silent or loud, Trump or another 3rd party, we are strong. This is America. This is the land of the Free and we will fight for it, even if you don’t.

(I know, I know. Trump’s a racist. Got it.)

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