This Week With Freeport, Il Mayor Jim Gitz

This Week With Freeport, Il Mayor Jim Gitz – September 21, 2015″I am, quite frankly offended” the Mayor says regarding Freeport’s gas prices, also, Mayor Gitz explains Micro Surfacing which has taken place on a few of our streets in Freeport, plus on State Budget, Mayor Gitz tells us what State funding is being withheld from our city and the current state of Pretzel City Transit, which he states, “If we do not get a resolution of the State issues and funding fairly soon… by the end of this year, not only Freeport but a tremendous host of cities throughout the state are going to be at serious trouble.” And finally in this week’s broadcast the Mayor discusses his appointment of community development director Alexander Mills as well as tonight’s council meeting to approve the 2.5 million for the project of stabilizing the old City Hall.

Posted by Today In The Port on Monday, September 21, 2015

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