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A side note, while the city council meetings do appear below, as of mid February 2018 the ability to share city council meetings with others has been disabled by the city’s YouTube channel.

We have used the technology commonly known throughout the world of YouTube called embedding videos, to share the city of Freeport’s city council meetings with you. It is a very simple copy and paste of YouTube provided code that allows content creators to showcase their own content (share it) with multiple content providers. We created this section shortly after the city began putting their public meetings on YouTube and until mid-February, it has always been available to our viewers. In order to turn the feature off, the content creator has to intentionally disable the feature in their YouTube channel settings.

While the meetings are shown below on this page, it is important to note that all the views, hits, and increasing view numbers all remain with the content creator, in this case, the city’s YouTube channel. If you watch a video here, it shows as another view on their channel for that particular video. In other words, the city benefits and so do you, the viewer. We merely provided this section as a service.

We share a lot of content with you. Like the thousands of other stories here, no one has ever had a problem sharing with others what they are doing for the public benefit, cause or reason of the public. Major news networks allow embedding of videos; businesses allow it; non-profits allow it, schools, classrooms and millions of other entities freely and openly allow this feature. We allow it too. We don’t why the city of Freeport might choose to no longer share their city council meetings with others in this manner.

We do find it odd however, that of all the places in the world that would choose to disable the sharing of their information with the public, that it would be those who are elected into public office. If the city ever chooses to once again enable this feature, we’ll gladly remove this message.


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