2017 Freeport Prom Photos

Freeport, Illinois — Prom was last night in Freeport, Illinois. Held at the Masonic Temple, Prom is a semi-formal gathering of high school students held near the end of the senior year. We were at last night’s prom and did a LIVE broadcast showing many of the students arriving. We also took the photos below of some of the evening’s guests.

As a note, we were not the official photographer of last nights prom, so if we missed your child it wasn’t on purpose or for any particular reason. Not all students posed for us either but we did want to capture some of the students who were at prom. Below are the few photos we captured.

We hope all the students who attended prom at either Freeport’s prom, Aquin, or any of our other regional schools had a memorable time.


Photos: ©Greg Chambers 2017

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