Arguing In The Street, Gunshots, Road Blocked, It’s 5:00 p.m. Dinner Time

Freeport, Illinois – Earlier we informed you that we had seen a number of police cars and an ambulance going west on Galena past the corner of Galena and Rt. 26.

We heard reports from some locals who said it was gunshots and it appears two people were allegedly arguing on Wadell around 5:00 p.m. One went in to get a gun and came out firing. When the police arrived the shooter came out and surrendered. Nobody was hurt in the incident, but the road was blocked off.

It’s the same story isn’t it? A bag of pills, shoes, arguing, it’s cool to fire a gun? It’s a different type of mentality towards a gun these days. Towards solving problems.

Sure, growing up here we remember a few people getting shot. It happened. In a town this size it may always happen but we don’t recall it being a firing zone which is what it appears to be today. That, and we genuinely believe Freeport should, and has the capability of going years without someone getting shot.

It’s 5:00 p.m..

It’s dinner time and while no, there is no time of day appropriate for this, kids are out playing, some just coming home from school, it’s a time people are just getting home and this quick reaction to grab and gun to solve your petty little spat, simply has to stop.

It’s second nature today.

Like having mace in your purse, the people who fire guns in our city like this, carry guns.  It’s a pure lack of respect for the weapon and a complete disconnect between the responsibility of having a gun and it’s use. It’s used a toy and the mentality compared to the day when you were a kid with your play holster is much the same.

Where the day existed one might throw a dish or two, or a glass across the room, a different generation goes for a gun.

Our problem, it’s a danger to innocent people and that reporting it, while amusing as it may be, is very angering to us more than anything.

Seeing report after report of this continuing in our neighborhoods is an utterly helpless feeling because it’s like we’re all sheep. Sheep just waiting for the next surprise report to come in, only to wonder… was it by me? Is it happening here? No warning, no alarm, no safety net.

We think the people of Freeport need to send a gigantic message about this to our community.

Our suggestion?

1000 person march over 4 sections of our city’s neighborhoods.

One thousand people walking down the street, advertised everywhere ahead of time, flyers put on every door and we make a massive statement to stop the fighting, stop the danger. Fight all you want, bicker and carry on till the cows come home, stop shooting guns in our neighborhoods.

If we don’t do something so far outside anything we have ever done towards this type of DANGER in our city, it is only going to forever be a series of reported incidents that will eventually make it to a neighborhood near you.

We’re tired of the gunshots.  People are always going to argue, it’s going to happen but this first reaction “grab a gun” and shoot at something or someone has to come to an end.

We’ll propose this. We’ll organize it, we’ll plan the entire series of events if you’re in. The 1,000 Person “Stop The Fighting, Stop The Danger” March.

Comment your own name for the event, share this with someone, LIKE the post, phone your lost cousin, mail us at and say you’re in and we’ll just make it happen.

Want to be involved? C’mon.

It will never completely disappear, but we can stop most of it. It’s never going to end though folks if we the people don’t make it end.


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