Aspen Dental, We Really Don’t Like Coffee That Much Anyway

Freeport, Illinois — If you happen to be a follower of Today In The Port (if you’re not you should be) then you may have noticed the social media page didn’t really pay Aspen Dental a lot of love  from a PR standpoint.  At least not as much as “that one neighbor” who shares a building with them got. Thing is, Aspen Dental also picked Freeport as a location and in all fairness to them and their owners, that’s kind of a big deal too. (Besides the point that having teeth is probably way more important than having coffee anyway.)

According to their website Aspen Dental recorded nearly 3.7 million patient visits in 2015 and they welcomed 785,000 new patients that year. The company has locations in 30+ states across the country, including now of course, Freeport, Illinois. We’re glad they are here too.

Aspen Dental Freeport, is located at 740 West South Street and their telephone number is (815) 656-2331, in case you’d like to call them and setup an appointment or something. They can also be reached on their website at


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