Caught Speeding: Report Reveals The 36 Most Dangerous Streets In Freeport, Illinois

Freeport, Illinois — Those busy Freeport motorists. We’ve all seen them. Buzzing around town and up and down our city streets like they’re late for a childbirth and, apparently lost because usually they are nowhere near a hospital.

Whether it’s baby on the way or Friday night fish fry, wherever all of these dashing drivers are headed, we tend to notice it most… when our children are around.


That’s when the citizens of Freeport say, look lady, dude, guy, teen; we’ve had enough!

A few months ago we put out a question asked by a local Dad concerned over speeding drivers in his neighborhood. If you haven’t noticed, we love asking questions because it helps us ALL learn more about our community as a whole. So how do us Freeportians feel about those “speedy” drivers on our streets and which ones are the worst? Well, we compiled a list and below are the streets in Freeport where you drivers out there, yes possibly you, yeah, you’re driving just wayyyy toooo fast.

So here’s the deal lady, dude, guy, teen, next time you’re out and about crusin around in our beautiful city, here’s a few tips to just keep in mind.

One, try and do the speed limit. Two, the whole children, other people thing. Really.  There’s a lot of children around these areas. They could chase a ball in the street, they could be running for their Mommy.  You don’t want to hit that kid. You don’t want hit any child. You don’t want to hit anyone, or be hit, so just pay attention to how fast you’re going, especially on these streets revealed by you, as Freeport’s 36 worst streets for speeders.

#1. Oak Street

Casey and twelve others say: On Oak between Empire and South. Cars do 60-70 down from South to the stop sign on Empire! Daily thing over here!

Others say: It’s horrible…A squad car would faithfully sit on Cleveland and clock people flying down the street. SLOW DOWN FOLKS!! 


#2. Greenfield Drive

Heather and eight others say: Greenfield Dr. Friend’s car was parked on the street and was totaled in a hit and run by a speeding drive.

Others say: People are always speeding. There are a lot of pedestrians, that includes kids, kids on bikes, runners, people walking their pets, and people just out for a stroll. People even pass other cars if they are not moving fast enough. 

#3. Chicago – Chicago & Empire

Trinity and eight other say: 1700 block of Chicago. Cars are always speeding. I also run a daycare. Just the other day a van & car were racing each other. The van ended up cutting off the car & got in front of the van. Very scary.

Others say: Chicago and Empire.  Glad we lived on a hill and across the highway, down Fairgrounds Rd to Walnut (4 sport cars)

Chicago ave between Empire and the Beltline has been a speedway years 

Long stretch of 1300-1600 S Chicago between Empire and South Street. 

East end of empire. Empre 

#4. Clark Street

William and seven others say:  Clark Street!!!!!!!! Long straight away, no one cares if kids are out either, even commercial vehicles speed here, as well as people driving the wrong way down this one way street

Others say:  Clark St from Galena to West! No stop signs or cross streets so people use it as a 1/4 mile drag strip. They just fly down this street with no regard, I also see sooooooo many people on their cell phones too while driving past my house. 


#5. Lincoln Blvd.

Cortney and five others say: Lincoln Blvd cars are always speeding my house .

Others say: 700 block of Lincoln Street. 

#6. Cottonwood

Jeanie and four others say: West Cottonwood! I watch kids almost get hit all the time and the kids are being careful its the cars speeding down the street like it’s the Indy 500!

Others say: The entire Cottonwood area Apple Ave to Lemon Ave. There are no stop signs and people just fly around the corner without even stopping!! 

#7. Float Street
Stephanie and four others say: 1400 block of Float Street. Almost got hit backing out of my in-laws driveway because someone was going so fast. I didn’t see him coming at first (cars parked on street and trees blocking view). He would have had no chances of stopping or slowing down for me. 

Others say: Float Ave between South St. And Empire  

#8. Whistler Street

Kathy and three others say: Whistler Street! They quite literally fly by! 

#9. Burchard Avenue

Four people on Burchard say: Burchard Ave! This street is FULL of kids playing outside yet cars are always zooming up & down. It amazes me how fast they’re going even coming from or heading towards a stop sign. They never seem to slow down when kids are present either unsure emoticon.

#10. McKinley
Another four on McKinley say:  McKinley by read park 
#11. Pleasant Street

Here’s three more that say:  State, Pleasant, Galena, Float any Street in the 3rd ward. Tons of kids running around riding bikes. 

Yet others say: West Pleasant before Locust to West Street. 

#12. Homer Street

Angela and three others say: Homer Street by West Street.  Cars drive down road so fast I wont let me kids play outside. The best they can do is play on the porch. Late at night is worse. 

Others say: Yes Homer Street and Elk Street. Speeding.


#13. Foley Avenue
Michelle and a few other neighbors say: Foley Ave, its between Stephenson St and Galena Ave. So many people speed down the street and there are a lot of children living here. 

Others say: People did the same on Powell. 

#14. Park Blvd.

Abbey and two others say: Park Blvd every single day!  

#15. Washington

Sherry and two other residents say: East Washington.

#16. Avon

Carrie and others say: Avon between West and Locust is ridiculous.  That’s the second mention of Locust.

#17. Shawnee
Wendy and others say: Shawnee, from Adams all the way to viaduct.
#18. Crestwood

Sandy and two others say: Crestwood Dr. Merntz.

#19. Park Crest

Beth and two others say: Park Crest.

#20. Carroll

Becky says: Carroll St, by Jefferson.

Others say: Carroll Avenue from Empire to the Beltline.

The Remaining 16 Streets In Freeport:

The rest of the list is comprised of those who commented a street where they were the only ones who reported seeing Freeport’s speedy drivers. We’ve included some of comments

  • Intersection of Valley View Drive and Westwood 
  • Stephenson st 1200 – 1300 block
  • Loras Dr
  • Stop sign before the street turns into Factory but the speeders either blow it or just don’t stop.
  • Bailey Ave. Folks use it as a through street from Stephenson to Galena and go way too fast.
  • Adams – right in front of Stephenson County Jail. Thay go by so fast they can’t stop at stop sign.
  • High Street! People fly by.
  • Always on Winter Dr. They love the curves.
  • Fuller Street! It’s only a stinking block long but I’m amazed at how fast people go down it. Why turn off of Carroll to fly down Fuller for a block then turn onto Chicago in the same direction you were going down Carroll?! Just doesn’t make sense! 
  •  Jefferson St. 
  • Garfield St between Locust and Walnut
  • Maple St. They are ALWAYS flying up and down.
  • West Douglas
  • W American
  • Everywhere

Three of you said: U.S. Rt 20. I drive it every day and I drive the speed limit. People pass by me like I’m standing still. There’s been many fatal accidents on that road lately. It’s a shame. 

And Finally, The Reason Why We All Need To Just Slow Down & Pay Attention – The Death of a Child:
Shawn says: How about on the east side of town where that little girl that died on Stephenson St just before leaving town has a memorial sign. 
So, as you hop in your car Freeportian’s, just be safe out there!

6 thoughts on “Caught Speeding: Report Reveals The 36 Most Dangerous Streets In Freeport, Illinois

  • February 11, 2016 at 1:46 am

    LOL~Its not the streets that are dangerous, its the people driving on those streets that are.

  • February 11, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    No matter what street UPS trucks are the biggest offenders. I live on Harrison east of Park, they speed down it several times a day, every day.

  • February 12, 2016 at 6:22 am

    People consider Pearl City Rd between Kiwanis and Krape Park a highway. We live in that stretch and guarantee they could write speeding tickets all day long there. The ONLY time it was driven like the city street that it is was several yrs ago when Chief Barkalow and family leased our home and his squad car sat towards the end of the drive when he was off duty. Cmon Todd, feel free to park here again! Lol

  • March 31, 2017 at 10:25 pm

    People come up Crestwood and fly around the corner of Mernitz. I see it all day and night. They also fly coming down Mernitz then turning to go down Crestwood, even in the winter. Some day they will be in my front yard, or worse hit someone walking or riding a bicycle.
    Why doesn’t Freeport make some money and fine these people for speeding…..make it safe.

  • April 19, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    I’m surprised that someone hasn’t mentioned Broadway Street, especially between Walnut Street and Locust , going BOTH ways.
    There’s a bend in the road just past Blackhawk Street and it’s basically a blind spot. Lots of kids in the neighborhood and a lot of parked cars on both sides of Broadway… making for a very narrow road way.
    I worry every day that a child will be struck by those speeding vehicles and be injured or worse!

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