The Dirty Truth To “Creating Your Own Job” And Never Working For “The Man” Again – Series

Freeport, Illinois – Whether people want to admit it or not, it’s a trying time for millions of Americans who work in factories and manufacturing plants all across the United States today. Uneducated (and some educated) blue and white collar middle class people have suffered horribly over the past decade.

Companies are closing up shop in the U.S. and taking up operations in other countries, leaving our jobs behind. People have lost their homes, cars, college funds, investments and genuinely good American families by the tens of thousands have been left in ruin, stress and worry.

Often, you’ll hear people blame the town they live in for their job loss.

“The town is dead, the town has no jobs” and while that may be a true statement to some extent, it’s not always (and usually isn’t) the town’s fault. The town is a victim just like you.

Federal incentives are given to large corporations to move their operations oversees.  Sometimes it’s the laws of the state, in this case Illinois, that drive companies out. Fortunately, if anything this current 2016 Presidential election has done, it has brought that to the forefront of public conversation, or at least a few tiers down from it anyway. The result, means hundreds of thousands of people have lost the jobs they relied on to support themselves and their family.

What’s left, is a less inhabited town where manufacturing jobs have turned into retail jobs and the income available to pay workers doesn’t pay enough to provide for yourself, let alone provide adequately for anyone else, such as your family.

Add in all the fees to live, costs of life and mandatory insurances and even in Freeport a one bedroom efficiency apartment on a minimum wage job can break you.  There is absolutely no way you can afford to pay all the bills you’ll face and survive. I know a lot of teenagers and people in their twenties (single without children) who are on public aid because they can’t survive on what they get paid.

Here in Freeport, people know all to well the feeling of job loss.

Numerous companies over the decades who supplied jobs to thousands of Freeport folks have up and left and essentially, abandoned us for greener pastures in another land.  Others have just run their course.

While it’s hard enough alone to lose your job, it’s even harder facing the reality that the jobs once available, are mostly likely never coming back again. People need a different solution and all too often the ones that are available, aren’t solutions at all for most people.

Over the next few months I’m going to publish a series called the “Life Empowerment Series”.

While not a series intended to get your factory jobs back, it will be a series specifically written with a focus on you, how you can “create your own job” and how you can get ahead of the system that powers corporate America so you can stand on your own.

You will learn how to no longer be dependent on a job, or, in worrying about finding a job ever again.

The “Life Empowerment Series” is designed to give you control over your life, your finances, your family and your future and yes, all right here in Stephenson County, Illinois or, anywhere in the country for that matter.

First though, we need to establish some guidelines. Better put, we need to deprogram all of the things you’ve been told.

One, no matter what you do in life, there is always a sacrifice. If you’re working right now, (earning money for time) you’re sacrificing something for that money.

Have you ever thought about what that is?

  • If you work at a job that you don’t like, your sacrifice is your happiness.
  • If you love your job but feel you don’t make enough money, (or can’t live on the money), your sacrifice is the money.
  • If you make great money and enjoy your job, but drive two hours each day, maybe your sacrifice is the driving.
  • If you own your own business, your sacrifice might be time at home.

Your sacrifice could also be the co-workers, the treatment of employees, or worse, the ethics of the company. Maybe you believe you’re worth more, more skilled and know more than what you get paid for.

Life is bound by the rule of sacrifice. In other words, what you “get” you also had to “give” something for and the secret is, you have the power over what that sacrifice is. You control what you’re willing to sacrifice.

It is one of the most important rules of life you can understand.  If you find gold, you’re sacrifice is you’re going to have to dig for it.

Willing to dig for some gold?

Second, I believe everyone has a skill and further, can learn anything within their own level.  Even if it’s not considered a skill by any known “career standards”, everyone is able to perform some function that they would enjoy and that others can benefit from, I believe.

I also believe everyone can teach themselves anything they want to know, (especially in today’s age).  I’m sure some won’t like when I say this, but you do not need to go to college to learn and you do not need to go to college to earn.

Yes it can help and yes it can provide opportunity and save you time, but without college it does not deter your ability or opportunity to learn anything you’d like to know.

Some of the most successful people I know, people worth millions of dollars, didn’t come from college. Some, I would even consider genius in their life’s occupation, yet by education standards they might be considered below average. It is the most untaught secret to life. You can learn anything you want to know about – anything you’re interested in and the best part, doing so is your magical secret weapon to unlocking everything.  Knowledge is absolute power, period.

And don’t let that scare you either.

Knowledge can be two hamburger restaurants. One sells hamburgers and one has a clown for kids. Knowledge can come in the form of just one simple idea. What you “know” and what you “think” versus what others know or what they think, is your golden ticket in life and the best news, we all have unique fingerprints.

In other words, no two people ever write the exact same song. No two people invent the exact same thing. No two people have the exact same fingerprints. You couldn’t come up with the exact same idea of another person if you tried. You, have the opportunity to use that to your advantage.

What do you love reading about, or knowing more of? What interests you, what do you find fascinating? Do you do things in your spare time for fun that other people get paid for?

Third, I believe everyone can make a living doing something they love.  I believe life is meant to mix the two aspects of “reward and labor” together and that peace, contentment and happiness not only can be found there, but they are supposed to be found there.

Fourth, your goal can never be about the money. If money is your only objective and you haven’t ever truly thought through the next guideline, you will fail every time. The law of life isn’t about money. It’s not an inherit part of our existence here. It’s a man made reward system and the natural law is when you do what you love; when you do what you’re meant to do; money (reward) just comes naturally. Some don’t agree with that, but I don’t care what they believe because I’ve lived it over and over and over again.

That’s not to say you can’t desire to make money, or that you can’t go out and close deals, it simply means your sole motive, your reason, can’t be about the money. If it is, it just won’t work.  You may need money, but needing money doesn’t get you money. Needing food doesn’t get you food.

Fifth, the final guideline, (equally as important as guideline number one), is to ask yourself (and answer) the following questions.

  • What do I love doing.
  • What am I passionate about.
  • What would I do for free, just to be able to do it.
  • Who makes money now, doing what I would love to do.

Contained in the above Five Guidelines is the recipe for life giving you all you could ever hope or dream for.  That doesn’t mean absent of bad days, mornings you just don’t feel like it, or equate into happiness forever. No one escapes those.

It just means you are going to make a sacrifice but, it will be the sacrifice that for you, leads to your ultimate happiness.

  • What would you be willing to sacrifice to get to do what you love?
  • You’re sacrificing something now, what is it?

As we prepare this series for you, I want you to think about the answers to the above two questions. Be honest with yourself.

The most ultimate reward you can get out of life, (besides the human contact kind), is being able to “survive” as you would like, completely independent of job loss, market conditions, area, or even on any certain demographic of people.

That kind of survival is the ultimate secret weapon and it is the goal of this series to arm you with just that.

So stay tuned and feel free to share this with others.



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