Every Good Deed Deserves Another – One Local Business Recognizes Citizen’s Good Deed

Freeport, Illinois – You know the saying. Every good deed deserves another? It comes from a old proverb, “one good turn deserves another“, essentially meaning “if someone has done you a kindness, you should do him a kindness in return“.

Well, we have to tell you, here in Freeport that’s truer than you may even realize.

As most of you know, we tend to focus on the positive stuff around here. We figure you can go get bad news anywhere. Since we’ve always had a habit of at least giving it a shot at what they say can’t be done, we tend to see the positive in people. The flip side is just enough rebellion to give it a try no matter who’s looking.

Stephanie And Markie

So we were out and about today and we saw Stephanie from Be The Change in our city streets and neighborhoods doing a little clean up. Just her and one other person, Markie.  No one asked them to do it, no one forced them to go clean the streets and no one tricked them into doing it. They just wanted to do something different, so they did.

Now, as if that alone wasn’t awesome enough, turns out it’s also Markie’s birthday. Yay for birthday’s right? Do you know your last birthday where you “chose” to spend the day cleaning the streets of your town?

Yeah, don’t be too hard yourself, we don’t know ours either.

Thing is though, this cool story of Markie and Stephanie taking it upon themselves to just do a good deed in our city didn’t only catch our attention. It also caught a few other people’s attention, one of which is a local business owner. In fact, the person who caught wind of the story liked it so much he wanted to do something in return.

For caring about our town and because it is Markie’s birthday, Randy from This Is It Eatery is giving Markie a Free dinner. Randy sent us a message and said, I want to give something in return.

We had the pleasure of breaking the news to Markie, which we did in the following message sent to him;

Just wanted to let you know that Randy Skeens from This Is It Eatery is giving you a FREE dinner for caring about our town and because its your birthday. (In case you don’t know, I’m the one who took your photo today with Stephanie). Thanks for paying it forward in Freeport Markie .

So sure, it’s not a new car, or a new house. It’s not a trip to Tahiti, or a vacation in Miami, but it is something else which is by far way more important anyway. It’s the sign that all of us have the power and ability to not only “be a change” ourselves, it’s the proof that when we step out on that ledge, that when our hearts are pure and our motives are clean, that we have the friends, the family and the community to support us anytime we need.

We don’t know about you, or where you come from, but when it comes to our town Freeport, we wouldn’t trade moments like this for the world. But you know as they say, one good turn deserves another, so…

Who’s next?



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