Ford Recalls 285,000 Vehicles In North America

Ford has issued three safety recalls and another two minor compliance ones, mostly over transmission and suspension issues found on some F-Series trucks and certain SUVs.

The first recall affects around 202,000 2011-2012 F-150, and 2012 Expedition, Mustang and Lincoln Navigator models, as there is a potential issue with the speed sensor linked to the transmission. In a notice to the US NHTSA, Ford said that the powertrain control software may force an unexpected downshift into first gear, which in worst conditions could cause the rear tires to lose grip or lock up. Three accidents have been reported related to the glitch, but without injuries. There are 201,900 vehicles affected, including 184,000 in the United States and federalized territories and 17,900 in Canada, all fitted with the 6R80 six-speed auto transmission.

The second safety campaign issued is for 81,000 2014-2015 Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility vehicles to replace their rear suspension toe links that could fall apart because of poor welding. Ford said it was aware of one accident and one injury related to this issue, which includes 75,364 units in the United States and federalized territories, 4,615 in Canada and 1,057 in Mexico.

The third recall covers certain 2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty vehicles to inspect and replace tires as needed, as the rubbers could have been damaged by a conveyor during assembly. There are 2,596 models affected by this issue, including 2,288 in the United States, 271 in Canada and 37 in Mexico.

Finally, Ford has also issued another two safety compliance recalls: for 199 units of 2007-2012 Ford Flex, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Mercury Sable vehicles to replace driver airbag module, which is missing the chemical substance for the second-stage deployment, a problem unrelated to Takata; and for 39 2016 Ford Fusion models to replace the driver’s seat track assembly that may have been improperly welded.

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