Freeport Residents Experiencing Dirty Water Again

Freeport, Illinois — A few week’s back numerous residents around the American, Harrison and Empire region were sharing photos of the water they were getting out of the faucet within their homes.

Dirty, nasty brown water straight from the tap.

It appears many of those same residents are experience the same problem today in Freeport, Illinois. The cover image of this article was taken this morning when Freeport resident Desiree M. Ewinger went to make a pot of coffee.

When we contacted the Water Department a few week’s back when this happened, we were told by the person on the phone that they have been flushing parts of the water system and that flushing, will cause residents to experience dirty water. Also that other water stations were added to the treatment facility and that opening the old station to the new station can cause this as well.

We left a message for the department head, who was unavailable at the time, to return our phone call but received no call back. Also, residents who experienced dirty water saw their water clear up within the day, for the most part.

The city has been in the process of replacing valves in the city, the most recent posted on Twitter was on Cottonwood Street and West Avenue. We are not sure if this is related.

At this time we have received no issuance of a city or neighborhood boil order and will have a call out to the Water Department for an update this afternoon.

If you are experiencing problems with your water, list your street below.

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