Freeport’s Missing Fair Children

Freeport, Illinois — July 8, 2017 — Each year when the fair rolls around the excitement of riding the rides, seeing all the farm animals and enjoying all the big grandstand events is about all we can ever think about.

But did you know each the fair has missing children?

Around 15-20 children get lost (or forgotten) each year at the fair whether it’s mom or dad who forgot their child, or it’s a big brother or sister who left them alone at the last ride, every year over a dozen youngsters lose the people they came with.

Fortunately, there is a booth at the fair just for lost children and there are numerous people at the fair looking out for these lost children.

The people below are the wonderful folks who locate Mom’s and Dad’s and make sure the children make their way back home. They said while most children’s parents are found within 5-10 minutes, they have had “lost children” all the way until closing time. The stories of how children got lost range from parents forgetting they brought their children, to leaving 7-8 years olds by themselves, to even a big brother or sister forgetting their sibling.

Sometimes parents or adults leave and come back, and where kids thought the car was, it isn’t there any longer. So communicate with each on exactly where you’re going to be, and use times to meet if you are going to break off.

The “Lost Children Tent” is located directly in front of the grandstands and close to where all the food vendors are such as The Cheese Market, Cimino’s and others.

So if you’re heading to the fair this year, make sure you keep your children close and please share this so everyone can know about this special place that truly does provide an invaluable family service.

If you would be interested in helping, contact Cindi Mielke at 815-599-3491 or via email at

Did You Know? There's even a place for lost children. These great folks here said about 15-20 children are lost each year at the far
Did You Know? There’s even a place for lost children. These great folks here said about 15-20 children are lost each year at the far

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