FSD145 Board of Education Adopts 2018 Tax Levy

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — On Tuesday, December 18, 2018, the Board of Education of Freeport School District 145
adopted its 2018 tax levy. The total adopted levy of $20,798,321 is based on keeping the tax rate even with the 2017 levy at 7.03817. The property tax levy provides approximately 40% of Freeport School District’s funding.

The District has statutory authority to levy up to $21,019,699, but decided to forego the additional increase in levy funding of $221,378 in an effort to prevent property tax payers’ bills from increasing. The board’s adoption of a flat tax rate will ensure that if property values stay the same or decrease, the Freeport School District portion of property tax bills will not increase.


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