GunTV – The 24-Hour Shopping Channel For Guns, Ammunition, Accessories and Outdoor Apparel

GunTV Logo (Photo: GunTV)
GunTV Logo (Photo: GunTV)

There is a revolutionary new live television network launching that will responsibly offer extraordinary access to purchasing the most diverse representation of firearms and related consumer goods in the world.

Gun TV (GTV Live Shopping) is set to debut in the US in January. The channel, founded by television home shopping industry veterans Valerie Castle and Doug Bornstein, will sell guns as well as ammunition, firearms accessories, and related gear. Gun TV plans to start with an initial six hours of programming a week and expand to a 24/7 lineup within its first year.

GunTV appears to be modeled after existing shopping channels, like the Home Shopping Network and QVC TV, but will face more stringent restrictions. Unlike the jewelry, commemorative coins or decorative plates sold on other channels, firearms can’t be mailed across state lines or sold to just anyone.

GunTV appears to have prepared for criticism, branding itself as a company focused on firearm safety before firearm sales. The channel’s parent company is called the “Social Responsibility Network,” and a GunTV promotional video posted online begins by saying the channel will address the nationwide need for “education, information and safety regarding firearms commerce.”

Castle, the GunTV founder, insisted the network’s 24-hour format would allow viewers a deeper understanding of the weapons they purchase. She added that, in every hour of programming, three minutes will be dedicated to firearm education and safety training.

A GunTV media kit, available online for potential advertisers, describes the network as similar to iTunes – but for guns.

The GunTV live shopping channel will be advertised and promoted by airing short form (00:30 and 00:60) television commercials on television channels including the Outdoor Channel, the Sportsman Channel and Pursuit TV, and through social media and mobile marketing.

• The Outdoor Channel
• Pursuit TV
• The Sportsman Channel
• Social Media
• Mobile

Critics suggest that Gun TV could make the decision to purchase a weapon seem trivial—on the same level as ordering a Snuggie or a vertical egg cooker.

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