It’s Not A Joke, Five Lucky Ducks and One Lame Duck Walk Into A Saloon

Freeport, Illinois — What do you get when you put 5 lucky ducks and one lame duck all together in the same bar? You get cash, that’s what you get and this Thursday a way to have fun with the family, some friends and especially with the kids is the 2nd Annual Duck Race where 144 lucky Ducks race down Rock Run Creek in a fun event that supports the Freeport Fireworks. It’s not even the best part…

Did we mention you also have a chance to win some cash?

Duck Races Fundraiser ducks in a bar2-1920

Here’s how it works.

You simply buy a Duck, #1-144 and wait for race day on September 13th. Races are held at Rock Run Creek in Rock City off Farm School road. You can pick a number, (a lucky number for your lucky duck) if still available.

Otherwise, as of Tuesday, 9-11-2018 Ducks #46, 48, 52, 53, 54, 58, 63, 64, 67, 72-77, 80, 81, 84, 87, 90-95, 97 were available at Logan’s in Freeport located at 1805 S West Ave. Just stop in and tell them you want a duck.

Ducks 100-144 can be purchased online also by clicking here. Ducks are $20.00 ea..

What you could win.

1st place duck – $400 CASH
2nd place duck – $300 CASH
3rd place duck – $200 CASH
4th place duck – $100 Logan’s Gift Card
5th place duck – $50 Logan’s Gift Card
LAME Duck (Last place duck) – $20 CASH

Purchase Ducks in person.

Logan’s in Freeport located at 1805 S West Ave

Purchase Ducks online.

Purchase online by clicking here

This past 4th of July the citizens of Freeport had to scramble to raise enough money to ensure fireworks took place in 2018. A new group took over the fireworks last year and  vowed to make sure fundraising would continue throughout the year. One of the biggest complaints people had last year was waiting until the last minute. This and other fun events will be held throughout the year to support Freeport’s annual fireworks celebration.


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