Lena-Winslow Eighth Graders Experience HCC Wind Turbine Program

Lena-Winslow – On Monday, October 24, the Lena-Winslow eighth graders enjoyed a visitor from the Highland Community College Wind Turbine program.

David Vrtol visited with students and shared his expertise about wind energy, working on wind turbines, and his experiences helping to establish the Acciona Wind Energy farm located outside of Lena, IL.

Mrs. Robbe’s students have been studying various forms of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. Their goal is to compare and contrast different energies and the advantages and disadvantages for their continued use. Mrs. Robbe states, “It was a worthwhile experience for the students to be able to listen to an expert on wind energy and to get questions answered by someone with Dave’s expertise.” Students had many questions about wind energy and its continued use both here in Lena as well as worldwide.

Dave shared many interesting facts and answered several questions. One of the questions asked was about phase 2 and 3 of the wind farm. He stated that the land is secure and the infrastructure is able to handle the addition when the company is ready to begin. The final two phases are planned to be constructed between phase 1 and Stockton along US route 20. The current wind farm can provide power for around 25000 residents, however, the power created here doesn’t stay here… it’s usually sold all over the country.

Dave also shared with the students a few parts from the towers. One interesting piece was a part no bigger than a microphone that costs around $8000 and sits at the top of each tower. This part is called an acoustic resonance anemometer and is shown in more detail in the picture attached. This part sends sonic impulses out into the wind for measurement.

Le-Win Junior High would like to thank Dave for stopping in and sharing his passion for wind energy with us! We all learned more about energy today and also learned something new about the wind farm that sits in our back yard. Check out a short video of Dave talking to our students here:

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