Life In The 21st Century Without Electricity – Quality not Quantity

Life Without Electricity

Quality not QuantityLike many of you, I often see an Amish family shopping in our local supermarkets for fresh fruits and vegetables. I have had the amazing opportunity in the past to work along side of them in Iowa building a house. But like in any normal family, there were rules. You could talk about the power tools only to the elders. The young men worked laboriously on the beautiful five room house on that Autum day. When lunch was prepared by all of the women, them men came at the sound of a golden bell ring by the women. As I sat with the elders, eating and talking about life, I had just but one question on my mind. “How do you live without electricity?

I summoned up the courage and asked the head elder. He (Jacob) explains so simply put. “How can you waste so much time with all of those electric distractions?

I was stunned. I felt like I was sitting next to Moses and felt pretty stupid. So I answered the best I could. “Imagine a world where more interactions are done online than face to face.

Jacob shared why they believed in Tradition, and the legacy they pass down. In short, it’s all about community. Working with one another, along side of each other as it has been for thousands of years. He eloquently put it,” Its the quality that matters, not the quantity of life.

I learned the “value” of life more from this man in thirty minutes than I did my while life.

Later in life when I was a little more grounded, studying my black and gold leather Bible, I have found the secrets to life. Yet I found that the secrets the Amish have lived by was all along in the Bible. Quality not Quantity. Accountability not deniability.

Respect not hatred.
We create our own heaven or hell right here, right now. And what do our children see? What we create now, imprints on them for life. Take a moment and disconnect from the “Quantity” and find the value of “Quality”.

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