Look Who Just Turned One – Today In The Port

Look Who Just Turned One. Today In The Port.
One year ago there was nothing here but a passion in my heart. Millions of impressions, a million page views and hundreds of thousands of likes, shares and comments later, I am happy to say we have touched people in every State in the nation with a wonderful view of our town and the people who live here. Together, we have made people smile, laugh, cry and if even for only a moment, forget their problems, put aside their troubles and for a time see possibility, hope, a brighter side and the potential for greatness in this hometown so many hope for. I believe in us. I believe in you. I believe we together have the power to move mountains in this city and create a town the nation would be jealous of. It may not be conventional. It may not fit a mold. It may not fit what you’ve been taught or told, but it works, it’s honest and it’s real. Thank you to everyone who’s been here since the beginning and to the thousands upon thousands and thousands who have jumped on since. Together we are stronger. Together we are more powerful. Together we can make life better for ourselves and all those around us. So, happy one year everyone. Guess who’s wearing their big pants now. Today In The Port
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