Looks Like “That New Pizza Place” Is Maybe, Sort of, Definitely Trying To Steal Employees

Freeport, Illinois — There’s a new pizza place coming to Freeport and by the sounds of it, they are actively working hard in our community to earn our business.

So hard that a person in Freeport might find full page ads announcing the new restaurant opening soon. Perhaps, even see articles written about the new place.

It’s possible too that if one looked, they might even find this new pizza place is looking to hire new people within our community. That means more jobs, which is great news for Freeport.

Isn’t it?

Well, it is great news for Freeport but it seems this “new pizza place” might be just a tad bit too motivated in our community trying to earn our business.

Seems they’re working so hard they’re even paying a visit to some of our local restaurants. A visit that appears to be an attempt to steal employees right out from underneath them.

Two local restaurants in Freeport said they were visited by people from the “new pizza place” who came into their restaurants to try and steal their waitresses and other staff.

One local restaurant owner said, “Cannot believe the owner and manager of our new Pizza place opening had the nerve to come in our restaurant trying to steal our waitresses”. Another restaurant owner said they came into their place as well. That restaurant, was another Pizza place.

When we received news of this, we figured we better throw our two cents into the mix.

So here’s the deal “new pizza place”.

If we know anything about Freeport folks, which we know a little, we know this.

The people in this community right here will give you the shirt off their back. They will bend over backwards to try and help you.

People in Freeport will welcome a newcomer to their town with open arms and they won’t even care where you came from at all.

Folks here, well, they’re just like that.

But see, they don’t take too kindly to people trying to outright attempt to steal their employees. We get it. It happens everywhere. You can even find news outlets that have published techniques on how to do it we hear. Probably happens all the time in those “big cities”.

Fine, no problem.

In Freeport though, our small businesses mean everything. They’re our friends, our neighbors and they’re the people we work with everyday.

We’ve watched them work years, some decades to build what they have in this town. We’ve seen their sweat and blood and tears as they’ve grown their businesses here.

We’ve supported them too.

We’ve spent our hard earned money on them because they’re good people who treat us fair; they treat us good. In the rare occasion they ever do make a mistake, they’ll just about bend over backwards to make it right.

In Freeport, we kind of respect that.

So “new pizza place”, we welcome you. We genuinely hope you are able to find success in our peaceful little town here. Not only that, we hope you provide (even if it’s just a little) something that adds value to the people here. You know, like a great experience, stable employment, giving back to our community. Maybe taking part in a local fundraiser or two.

We don’t ask for much and we don’t require a lot. But we do ask that we all respect one another. Don’t try and take our employees right out from underneath us in our very own family owned restaurants.

That’s not real classy.

We all have to get along here, competition and all. It’s just… it’s not all about your place here. It’s not about just your bottom line, it’s about all of us.

Besides, you’re a big boy. We’re sure you can find employees all on your own. But we do appreciate the compliment.

See you around town.


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