Meteor Lands in Freeport, Hits Car and Leaves a Note (probably with fingerprints on it) – uNews

Freeport, Illinois — Either Meteors have landed in Freeport or someone isn’t very happy and they’re trying to send someone else a message. We’ve received numerous reports this morning of viewers out and about, noticing a vehicle that looks as though it suffered some intentional rock damage.

Rock damage as in someone, throwing a rock at a vehicle.

In two separate photos shared with us, by witness account it appears someone left a note on what looks to be a silver Buick (shown below). Along with with the note is what appears to be a 10-15 lb rock laying on the hood of the car. It looks as though the rock struck the windshield and the left front tire is flat.

Witnesses are unable to identify the street at this time and no other information is available. If you have information regarding this incident, please call the Freeport Police at 815-235-8222.


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