Stockton Fire Station Catches Fire This Morning

Stockton, Illinois – At 11:21 a.m. the Jo Daviess County scanner asked motorists to please avoid the area around the Stockton Fire Station because the station itself, caught on fire. Several departments are now on the scene and others are responding.

One resident reported, “was just home for lunch and I cannot believe how many people are circling the block trying to get a good look. You are only impeding the work these heroes do. This is a huge blow to not only the Stockton Fire Department, but the entire community“. Katherine Anne Wibben reports, “I was the one who had the church call 911. I was taking my service dog out for a morning walk. We were headed home when I noticed smoke coming out of the cracks of the doors. I ran to the church and yelled for someone to call 911. By the time they responded, the smoke turned from grey to charcoal black. I’m still trembling“.

While not confirmed, there are reports stating that the fire equipment and vehicles were not able to be saved. No injuries to staff or other persons are being reported at this time.

Stephenson County Scanner reports “Stockton’s Fire Department is on fire. Lena and Pearl City have responded from Stephenson County, with Freeport Rural covering Pearl Citys station“.

We will bring you more reports as we get them. If you have photos of the scene, send them to us and we’ll make those a part of future updates.

Our thoughts go out to those in the Stockton community and all the fire departments and personnel on the scene.

Images courtesy Sonya Smith Williamson

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