Stolen Merchandise Abandoned After Thief Discovers The Public Is On The Lookout

Freeport – Earlier yesterday one of our viewers wrote us about an incident that happened at her family home some time in the middle of the night. She wasn’t even sure we allowed or would accept what she was about to ask us, but she took the chance and sent us her comment anyway.

In her message, she told us that in the middle of the night someone had broken into the family car and had also stolen her 9 year old daughters bike. A purple bike her daughter received as a gift on Easter, which was just recently.

In the cops and robbers game, thieves steal your stuff and the reality is, the only people looking for them are the police. As hard as it may be to grasp, criminals realize the odds are in their favor. In this situation. where someone comes in the middle of the night and steals your stuff, good luck getting it back.

Lawn mowers, bicycles and many other such items people have in their yard go missing all the time and are never seen again. While the police do find some items, most of the time you can consider it gone. You are never going to get that property back again. This very situation though, is the secret we have wanted all of you to learn. Yesterday, we saw it happen in real life.

After reading the message about this person’s situation, we wrote an article and titled it, “Hello Thief. Our 9 Year Old Wants Her Bike Back And The Entire Community Is On The Lookout” and guess what you did.  You shared the article and thousands upon thousands of people saw it. (About 8,000 to be exact)  Can anyone guess what happened?

Word got out that the community was on the lookout and the thief abandoned the stolen property.  Three hours later the bike was found abandoned and was able to be returned home to the little girl.

There is a very important lesson that we want you to learn here. That lesson is, if the punks who shoot their guns at our houses, the thief’s who steal our stuff, the rapists who harm our people, the criminals who cause havoc in our community realize that not only are the police looking for them, but that the entire community is on the lookout, crime in this city is going to disappear real fast.

First, you’ll start finding your stolen stuff as happened in this example. Criminals will just abandon it.  They have no place to take it locally if they know the community is looking for them, so they’ll just dump it.

For more serious crimes, rapists will get caught faster, the little punks who shoot their guns around town will be found sooner and in the worst cases, murderers will be found and brought to justice a whole lot quicker.

Next, the word will get out. Once it does, a whole lot of people are going to think twice if they know that the whole community is hunting them down.

As a community force, the “tattle tale” syndrome doesn’t apply. No one has to worry about being the “snitch” because no one person told. The criminal has no one to retaliate against because “the community” is looking for them or for what they stole from you. There’s not a damn thing they can do when it’s broadcast all over the place.

Finally and most importantly, it makes us a force to deal with.  A force that says “don’t screw around in that town because those people band together and the whole town will be looking for you“.  The only way to ever effectively fight and prevent crime is to send this message to those that cause and create it and it has to come from us, the people. Yesterday, was the example of how effective that truly is.

So, I would like to make a deal together as a community. As we all agree, this stuff makes us real mad. We’re tired of people shooting in our town, we’re tired of people stealing our stuff and we’re tired of robberies, assaults and fighting in this town. We’re tired of the riffraff and we want it out.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do.

If you live in a crime neighborhood, (or anywhere for that matter) go and take pictures of all your stuff. Your TV, stereo, car, lawn mower and all your valuables. Keep the pictures stored wherever you would like. Then let’s hope nothing ever happens to you, me or anyone we know, but if we are ever robbed, if our car is ever stolen, if someone shoots at our home or does something worse to us or our family, call the police as you should and then, write us.

We know the police chief, we can always call the police station and we can make sure a report was filed and verify the details and then, the community goes on the lookout. If we want an uncommon result, it’s going to take an uncommon action. Our community binding together, is that uncommon action and when we finally do bind together, (as we have just seen), it will produce the uncommon result of little to no crime in our city.

All it takes is for one person to see something that might be yours, or see someone matching a description of who was involved.

Just one person.

Together, we the community can prevent crime in our city, so let’s start sticking together and doing it. Let’s make “crime prevention” famous, not just crime.  Feel free to comment or share your thoughts or opinions.

Who’s In?



8 thoughts on “Stolen Merchandise Abandoned After Thief Discovers The Public Is On The Lookout

    • April 29, 2016 at 6:10 pm

      You care. No one wants their stuff taken. Not even you, whether it’s locked up or not.

  • April 29, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    Now if only we could stop people from spreading lies and falsehoods about others. Especially when they don’t know the people. Only what theve heard from someone else. Which also may not be true. Having a community watching and reporting on inocent people because they were told a lie, isn’t good either. How could those people and their lies be brought to attention and stopped?

    • April 30, 2016 at 10:18 am

      Couldn’t agree more. You don’t want the community saying anything about innocent people

      • May 1, 2016 at 5:53 pm

        Didn’t want to give too much info but I guess I’m not being taken seriously, so.. My girlfriend’s jealous ex husband has spread lies that I am a woman beater and child molester to his friends and anyone who sympathizes with him. The guy across the street from us is a friend of his. Who has also told everyone he knows. The whole block watches us when we come outside, for any reason. I’m a military vet. I have never and will never do any harm to child or woman. Period. I have a clean record. Criminal and otherwise. Only took 30 days to get my foid card. We can’t even go places without people he knows staring, following and reporting back to him. Now you know I’m not kidding here. I’m serious. What can we do? Again, no criminal history EVER, but the actions of a jealous ex has made everyone around us believe I am something I’m not. I have spoken to a few about it. Their going to believe what they want. Actions speak louder than words, and seen us be the way we are, joking, fun, and fucking happy. But I want the B’s to stop. What can we do?

        • May 1, 2016 at 9:28 pm

          Unfortunately from a media perspective we can’t really get into the “he said, she said” topics. We don’t know you or them. It’s not that we didn’t take you serious, we just took your message as more of a statement, not a personal situation. However, we do know people falsely accuse others of very serious things. It does happen. What can you do? If nothing legal is brought against you, nothing. Ignore it. Stick your head up proud and don’t pay it any mind. You know better, so let that be your strength. Usually, the fact that people know it bothers you is satisfaction enough for them. Once they see it doesn’t, the fun disappears pretty quickly. If it causes you damage, (in your reputation, income, work, if it’s told to others) you may have a defamation of character case. Will people testify to what this person has said about you? You might want to consult an attorney. A letter could go a long way. If you’re in the right, stay there. You will come out on top.

          • May 1, 2016 at 10:42 pm

            Understood. We’ve been doing all of that. Ignoring, just doing what we do on a normal basis. Been going on for two years now. But you’re right. Hopefully it’ll get old for them and people around here will see what’s really going on. Not what they want to see because of what they were told. We just want it to end already. Thank you though.

  • April 30, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Thank you for this article. You are so right. It takes a village! I’m so happy the little girl got her bike back! I wish Freeport News Network was around when someone stole my flowers of a picket fence in our front yard, and my small decorated fence was stolen out of our backyard. Who does this??? Not to mention the thieves that take decorations from our 2 grandsons graves. Unbelievable! Thanks again ♡

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