Take Part In A Dinosaur Dig In Montana and Earn College Credit

Freeport, Illinois – This is a two credit class, one credit lecture and one credit lab. The lecture portion will be taught as a hybrid class for the summer session, 2016. We will have four classroom sessions: 7-9 PM June 8, plus 3 other dates that will be selected on the first class day so as to have minimal impact on student summer plans. The rest of the content will be online.

The field portion of the class will take place July 22-31, 2016

Lecture sessions and online content will cover the geology of Eastern Montana and the tectonic and sedimentological conditions that have made this one of the richest dinosaur bone-beds in the world, as well as the basics of dinosaur anatomy and paleontology. The ecology of the late Cretaceous depositional environment of the Hell Creek Formation and the scientific significance of the Burpee Museum’s fossil “Jane” will also be covered. In addition to HCC registration fees ($123 per credit hour in-district), costs will include a $350 lab fee which will cover transportation to and from Montana. An additional $450 will be payable to the Burpee Museum to cover food and lodging in Montana.

During the field component of the class we will be staying at Camp Needmore near Ekalaka Montana and working with the Burpee Museum staff. Lodging is in bunkhouses with simple mattresses over wire springs. A warm sleeping bag is recommended, as nighttime temperatures can get into the 40’s or a little lower. Meals are provided by Burpee staff and are served in the spacious mess hall/recreation center. (Ping Pong and scrabble are the main forms of after-dinner recreation.) All vertebrate fossils collected will go into the Burpee Museum collections as per federal law, but, if time and weather permit, we may be able to visit a locality in the Pierre Shale where Cretaceous marine invertebrates can be collected.  These you can keep!

If interested, contact Steve Simpson at 599-3474 or steve.simpson@highland.edu

HCC students with Burpee Museum staff and volunteers at Camp Needmore, July 2011
HCC students with Burpee Museum staff and volunteers at Camp Needmore, July 2011

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