The Tri-State Small Business Rep Challenge – Cash, Merchandise, Bonuses

Would You Like To Earn Some Extra Money?
How About Saving Your Business Money With The Potential To Earn More?
If You Answered Yes To Either, Be A Part of The Tri-State Small Business Rep Challenge.

Here’s how it works.

Today In The Port and Freeport News Network is offering the first 300 small businesses to take advantage of this offer an incredible opportunity to reach tens of thousands of people and save thousands of dollars in advertising costs. For Only $400 business can now get up to 1 Million Impressions and unlimited ads, news and promotions for an entire year.

Today In The Port and Freeport News Network are broadcast media outlets with a combined 23,500 viewers and over 100,000 available impressions each month. If you’re a local sales rep in the media industry, other industry, or you’re just someone who doesn’t mind talking with people, this is probabaly the easiest opportunity out there to help our economy, help a local business immensely and help yourself earn some extra spending money.

Not only do you get cash and merchandise, but the person with the MOST SALES out of the 300 Challenge, will earn themselves a $2,500.00 BONUS.


There’s no high pressure, no “sales” tactics, just a simple, “hey, Today In The Port and Freeport News Network might be a good place to promote your business, reach people who “want to” tune in and, save a ton of money.

That’s it. While we do offer many other plans and packages to businesses, the annual package is the best coverage for the least amount of money and businesses make their money back typically within the first two months, usually sooner.

Businesses receive all of these features and benefits.

We’ll film a guaranteed one spot per quarter for that business to be used however they wish. Additionally, if the business lets us know of other events throughout the year, we always need to film extra segments. Since they’re an advertiser they get special preference. All of those occasions then are extra bonuses to the business!

When the business you talk to takes advantage of the offer;

  • You’ll make $125.00 CASH, plus
  • You’ll get $50.00 extra “spending money” to spend in that store.
    (if the business doesn’t have retail or is not service related you’ll get the cash)
  • You’ll automatically qualify for the Bonus.

Everyone wins.

The business now gets unlimited advertising for an entire year, gets $50.00 bucks spent back in the their store immediately (so their actual cost is only $350.00) and now the business has an unlimited potential to sell much more through our media outlets.

And it’s easy.

The business simply sends in all their ads, specials, press releases, articles, promotions, events and other and we enhance them and broadcast it to our audience. (see examples of how we may enhance your material)

Rep Bonus:

Note: This special price is only open to 300 businesses and is currently restricted to Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Eastern Iowa.

Once the 300 discounted units are sold, the rep with the highest number of sales of those 300 will receive a $2,500 bonus.

Today In The Port and Freeport News Network provides a full support staff for business clients and reps and was established to provide a regional broadcast news media for the people of our area communities and to help encourage growth in the local level. We have sales materials available upon request and are happy to speak with you at any time.

To Be A Part of This Opportunity You Must
Email Your Name, Phone and Contact Information To

You may also visit or

If you’re a business reading this you can be your own rep and take the $100.00 discount for yourself, making your annual cost only $300.00.


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