The Championship Round of “Mascot Madness” Faces Elk Grove Grenadiers Against The Freeport Pretzels

Freeport, Illinois – In a fight that has seen some fierce competitive battles, 64 schools came to the show and in this final week, only two remain standing.  For fans of the Elk Grove Grenadiers and the Freeport Pretzels, the championship round of “Mascot Madness” at CSN & has begun.

The Grenadiers advanced to the title game by winning against the Genoa-Kingston Cogs. Freeport is here thanks to a win over the Fisher Bunnies. A championship banner for the school gymnasium is at stake. Which school will win it all? We know the answer, The Freeport Pretzels!

If you’re new to “Mascot Madness,” CSN & is searching for the best Illinois high school mascot nickname. Fans are encouraged to vote for each of their favorite nicknames in a four region, 64-team bracket, similar to NCAA’s “March Madness.”

Each week we advance one round. We will formally recognize the “Mascot Madness” champion during the IHSA 4A boys basketball championship on Saturday March 19th. Voting is done exclusively through

Who Has The Most Unique High School Mascot Name?
Let’s Show Em Who Freeport! Vote Pretzels! 


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