The Year In The Port – Most Viewed (and Fun) Stories of 2015

Freeport – As people around town young and old are anxiously awaiting the evening’s festivities and celebrations with friends and family to bring in another new year, this is also the time of year where so many of us reflect. New Year is a time we look forward to a new beginning, another chance to capture life’s opportunities, grow personally and it is also a time we look back on the year we’ve had.

Since March of this year I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun bringing you such a wide variety of the people and places from within Freeport. I have to tell you it has been truly humbling and very gratifying to me to spend time with all of you. I have seen every like, every comment, every share of something brought to you and hopefully I have lived up to some small part of a town, this place and our people that you love and enjoy as much as I do.

Over the past nine months of 2015, you’ve had a look at what a daily news show could look like in Freeport. You’ve seen touching documentaries such as when Mama Cimino had cancer, when Teagen, the little boy from Center School got a new wheelchair, you’ve watched documentaries featuring one of the most popular bands of the 80‘s in Freeport, plus have seen our elderly such as Cetta Genusa turn 100. Over out time together you’ve watched me stand on cars, hang out at the new marijuana plant, all the way to goofing off with the students at Freeport High School in the cafeteria for Spirit Week.

To celebrate the end of the 2015 year, here’s a preview of some of the top (and most fun) stories from our little Midwest town of Freeport, Illinois. Thanks for watching, and just know this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

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Happy New Year Everyone.

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