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Freeport, Illinois —  There are more than a few gyms in the Freeport area. And most people who decide they want to be healthier want to be where they will get the best results. Makes sense, right? So what is necessary at any gym or weight loss facility to ensure those best results. And why should you pick Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health Club+PLUS?

First, it’s reputation. Freeport Health Club has been around the longest of any other gym in Freeport. You don’t stay in business unless you give good service, have a friendly staff, are honest and dedicated.

At Freeport Health Club+PLUS, we are known for the success of our members. Our reputation is all over our walls with photos of our members who are either taking great strides working toward their weight loss goals or have achieved them.

Secondly, it’s knowledge. Anyone can show you how to work your abs but can they tell you why you need to do what you are doing and why what you are doing works? Knowing the mechanics of working your body is really important. What is it that they say? Knowledge is power? It really is!

It’s the same with eating healthy. You can go online and read a lot about how to eat to lose weight. But what “diet” do you choose? At Freeport Health Club+PLUS, we teach you how to eat but also why you will get the results you want by eating that way. And on the rare occasion that we don’t know the answer to a question one of our members asks, we will do extensive research and find out.

Thirdly, it’s accountability and support. How many times have you started a work out regimen or a healthy eating plan and just sort of gave up? No one was there to keep you motivated. No one was there to cheer you on. At Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health Club+PLUS, we are going to push you to the next level. We are going to be your cheerleader and celebrate your victories with you. And when you hit a rough patch, we are there to get you back on track, help you see that stuff happens but as long as you don’t give up, you are still winning!

Fourthly, is affordability. You can’t beat our prices. Not for what you get. Sure, you can sign up somewhere for less money per month, but as is often said, “you get what you pay for!”. We give you more bang for your buck. And we teach you what you need to do to be a success. How much is that worth to you? Do you want to gamble with your health by paying a few dollars less per month somewhere that doesn’t offer what Freeport Health Club and Freeport Health Club+PLUS does?

If you’re serious about getting healthier. If you have weight to lose or if you just want to trim and tone, give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. No pressure. Just information, encouragement and results!

Freeport Health Club is located at 18 W Stephenson St. We can be reached via our website here, via our Facebook page or by telephone at (815) 233-0066.

Carol J. Krupke
Freeport Health Club Freeport Health Club+PLUS


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