Village of Lena Announces Emergency And Non-Emergency Notification System

Lena, Illinois –  In a recent release the Village of Lena announced a new service for the residents of the Village of Lena, Illinois.  They have contracted with the Swift Reach notification system.

The Swift Reach notification system will provide residents information on emergency situations and non-emergency situations using both land line telephones and cell phones.

Examples of emergency situations could be water main break/boil order, road closures due to storms, emergency police situations such as an active shooter or emergency evacuation due to a chemical spill.

Examples of non-emergency notifications would be hydrant flushing, sewer cleaning and road closures due to construction.

The Lena Fire Department, Lena Police Department and the Lena Public Works Department will all have access to this system.

Emergency weather reports from the National Weather Service are included.

In order to ensure that all citizens are able to receive these notifications a database with phone numbers must be established.  Residents interested in the service will be asked to provide the following information; name, address and all phone numbers you would like included in this notification system (cell, land line, business, additional family lines, etc.).

If you join the system and later want to remove your number you will be able to opt out of the system by contacting Village Hall.

All information submitted to the Village will be through private communication between the individual resident and the Village.  The Village will not pass this information along to other parties.  Any information submitted to the Village will only be used for the purposes of the SwiftReach system.

Residents can sign up to be included in the notification system at the village website (, the Village of Lena Facebook page or at Village Hall.


1-Contact the Village of Lena through the CONTACT page of our website.

2-Include the following three items of information in the comment/question section;

a-Name (First and Last)


c-All phone numbers you wish to have included in the system.  These can be cell, land line, business line, additional family lines, etc.

Any information submitted on the contact page will go directly to Village Hall and will not be seen by anyone else.

Contact Village Hall with any questions, 815-369-4016

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