The Secret To Releasing Those ‘Feel Good’ Endorphins During The Holidays

Freeport, Illinois  — Baby it’s cold outside! It is also getting dark earlier and for some, seasonal depression sets in. I get it, I understand how hard it can be to get motivated and stay motivated especially during the winter. For some it’s easy to find a motivator, for others not so much.

The good news is we can take all our excuses for not working out and turn them into reasons to workout. Did you know that it takes more energy to generate heat to make the body warm which in turn boosts metabolism which in turn burns more calories?

I’m not saying go run a marathon in the freezing cold (although you could) but a short jog or walk will “do the body good”.

When you don’t feel like driving to the gym because it’s cold and dark just remember, it’s warm and bright in the gym and that walk from the car to the gym just might give you the jump start you need. Reward yourself with something when you finish.

Working out also releases “feel good” endorphin’s — a natural brain chemical.

Whether you’re feeling a little under the weather or are battling seasonal depression, working out I guarantee will make you feel better. None of us like to be cooped up in the house, meet a friend at the gym! It’s always fun to work out with a buddy and you can make a day of it by having a healthy meal afterwards.

Speaking of healthy meals, there are plenty of go to foods that will give you energy to make it through a workout.

Oatmeal will keep you full, satisfied and motivated to do that last set as will yogurt, strawberries and almonds. So if it’s food that motivates you, eat something that will boost your metabolism and give you energy.

Staying healthy is something we should all strive for and if we can keep our bodies healthy it will keep our minds happy. Take that first step or get back to where you left off. Find what motivates you, your body will thank you!!

See you at the gym!

Val Bardell a Personal Trainer at Freeport Health Club.

Freeport Health Club is located at 18 W Stephenson St. They can be reached via their website here, via their Facebook page or by telephone at (815) 233-0066.


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