What The Outside Sees Looking In – The Andreayah McBain Story

freeport-news-network-logo-BGBy now most everyone has heard the tragic story of Andreayah McBain. It’s a story of incredible disbelief, shock and immense tragedy at the value of someone’s life in this world. It’s one of those local stories that is so hard to fathom, it creeps its way outside the area and spreads all over the nation. I can’t help but think of so many other stories from here that have the same potential and impact.

There are many things that have been (and are being) said about this case. A lot of public opinions, thoughts and statements have been made. Some are true, some are not. This article makes no attempt to address the details of the case. What I do hope to shed light on, is a little bit of ourselves.

Horrific tragedies happen. The most horrific here, these are our children. While as a nation we clearly have no hold on crime, crime prevention and dealing with our youth, we as people can get a hold on it and – its time we do.

So much crime is a result of relationships. (Friends, family, parents, couples, etc…).  When you add TV to it, you’re virtually creating it. I can’t help but imagine if Andreayah had just one more friend in her life who could have discouraged her from hanging out with the particular friends she chose. Or, if her parents had just one more friend who could have been there to offer a different perspective on how to be available to their child, or for themselves. Even if those who committed the crime, if they had someone else in their life to instill different thoughts, different values, different consequences.

What if… that other friend were just the messages they heard. Signs, billboards, commercials, everywhere they turned it was reinforced. What if the model of our media were based on those messages. It’s possible this entire matter could have very well never happened at all.

What if, that were our culture.

Below, are what others across the county are saying. Not just about this case, but of our people. I am showing this in hopes all of us can take a step back and just listen to the things we say ourselves. Listen to how passionate we are against these things when they happen, and then ask yourself if the same passion exists to help prevent it from happening in the future.

We out number the bad.  We out number the hungry, the uneducated, the criminals, children who need a role model. We, are greater in numbers than they.

It’s a simple fact that those who do not commit crimes such as this far out number those who do. When police fail, schools fail, friends fail and family fails, it is up to us (the public) to be there. We only hurt ourselves when we’re not. When no one is, not only does the family suffer, the public suffers as well. We have the criminals on our hands and we have another broken family.

If just one other person who knew the family stepped up when they heard of a problem, got involved, showed sincere genuine care for the families, (not just doing their job) or if the media, the messages our youth heard were different, we could help prevent so many things such as this from happening. As I write this I ask myself, do I know someone who could use a friend…

Anger is the easiest first choice. If that’s it though, what comes after anger? More importantly, what comes before it.

Below are some comments from people who have listened to you talk. This is their response.

  • Yikes. Lots of craziness here. San Francisco
  • Wow. How absolutely cruel…. Florida
  • I’m so confused. I wish these kids had a firmer grasp on the English language. New Jersey
  • I am able to decipher what most of them are saying, but what is boggling my mind is how they express themselves through so much hate and the language they use! I mean yes, what happened to drea is horrible- beyond horrible!! And yes, What the friend did and failed to do is cruel and evil, but the the way in which these people on Facebook word their opinions is concerning. We live in a crazy world. It’s barbaric out there! No one has any class anymore. South Louisiana
  • Kids are illiterate nowadays. I do wonder if this is the end of the English language as we know it. Texas
  • I was aware of the comments and gave up on that. Cruel to each other and not just the alleged perp. Boston
  • I have never seen such hatred and filth posted anywhere. I had to quit reading it. Indiana
  • Agreed! What is in the water in Rockford Illinois?! The language and the hate those people were using!!! It’s a scary world to be raising children in for SO many reasons! Louisiana
  • I have a relative that teaches in the ‘best’ High School in Rockford. They said last week they had to deal with 30 spontaneous fights in the classroom.

This can not be the reaction of our people in times like this.  Feel free to comment your thoughts.

After you’ve read the above, read this. One person saw a problem.


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